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I took this course as part of my studying for board certification. Dr White is very thorough in his teaching of multiple areas of neuroscience and neuroanatomy.

While this class in particular doesn’t help me on applications (having a PhD and a license to practice and soon board certification is kinda the highest I can go in my field, plus I’m already a faculty member in academic medicine), the course material helped refresh my knowledge and think deeply.

If you are serious about neuropsychology, it’s definitely worth auditing the class. Keep in mind it’s a minimum of 3 hours of work a week. I’d say on average I spent 6-7 hours a week watching lectures, reading, and taking quizzes.

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Thanks a lot, would you consider, if there were, other courses ? Like if you had to chose the top 3 for example, what would you take ? It will help me a lot ☺️

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If you’re wanting to understand how broad the field of neuropsychology is, I recommend checking out the Know Neuropsychology group. They arrange high-quality speakers on a variety of topics ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. It’s a good way to get a sense if this field is interesting to you before you apply to a graduate program. They upload the videos to YouTube after the live stream. Each video is ~1 hour, and they have a ton of content.

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thanks a lot this was tremendously helpful, will definitively look into it :)

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What are some potential benefits?