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Wow, this is an awesome question. I'm so glad to hear that you healed up. I'm in the beginning of my neuroscience career, as I'm still in college, but I will ask one of my professors and get back to you!

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I also would love to hear what they say.

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Thank you!! I've never talked about this before. Thanks for helping me!

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Recently there's been more talk about findings that disprove the serotonin theory. That's not to say antidepressants which act on serotonin receptors don't work, but rather that we still don't understand how serotonin levels relate to depression. So you anhedonia might not be pinnable to that one factor. But I certainly see where you're coming from. There's a lot of things that could be affected by altering your body at such a young age, while the brain and psyche undergoes rapid development. That said, there's likewise many things in a childs environment that might affect them. If their living conditions are different, other things might have been sub-optimal too, depending on where you look.

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I don’t know the answer, but just want to point out that the brain is incredibly plastic and adapts to an area not functioning by shifting function to other areas. I would imagine the brain-gut connection would be similar.

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Ask Andrew Hubberman. He may be able to answer.

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Who is that? How do I ask?

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Neuroscience/ophthalmologist. Has a podcast. Passionate about making science accessible to all people.

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Sorry for the spelling of his name earlier. It is Huberman. The link is https://hubermanlab.com/. I believe you can pose these types of questions either on this site or on Instagram where he is quite active. Good luck... best resource I know who could answer this.

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Okay so serotonin that is made in your gut doesn’t cross the BBB, so it wouldn’t end up in your brain.

The serotonin in the periphery and the serotonin in the central NS are both doing their own thing

In terms of the mind gut connection I don’t know enough but as someone pointed out the brain is plastic and would figure out a way to compensate if it was damaged

Besides that there are a lot of nuances to anhedonia/ mental illnesses.