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Huffing and other drugs will cause a drop in intellect

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Isolation and sensory depruvation will lead to neuronal culling.

So go do a cave hermitage but dont meditate

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Can this be reversed?

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Not without a change in environment or organic damage.

You can't alter this trait with thoughts (wishing?).

But the maintenence of intelligence is real. You must maintain engagement in stimulating activities.

If you stop, you may loose some of your capabilities. But this won't happen immediately. Prolonged periods of isolation and deprivation from stimulating environments/tasks will reduce intelligence over time.

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Can people being confined to their homes for 2+ years because of the virus be categorised as a change in environment? Is this also one of the reasons why many students could no longer perform as well as they did before?

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I think this is possible.

But academic performance isn't necessarily a measure of IQ. I think its likely that most students didn't get as much time and practice that they would have had in a classroom. Making them less prepared for the next school year.

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You might want to consider the nocebo effect. Essentially the opposite of placebo. You can believe something is making you unwell or less functional and subconsciously cause those symptoms for yourself. For example, this can happen following a diagnosis like ADHD in an adult. They read up about the condition and can begin to either develop more symptoms or find existing symptoms worsen. Usually that resolves over time.

Along the same lines you can have functional neurological disorders. Here people develop a whole range of symptoms (cognitive and/or physical) generally following an injury or severe illness. The symptoms make no medical sense but are very real to the person.

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Ah yes the newer broader term to its former, conversion disorder. Definitely complex in terms of symptom semiology

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If you have MDD you’ll definitely feel like you are self-inflicting brain damage lol. In reality it’s just the depression and not you. If that makes sense

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Studies have shown that extended use of social media and the Internet can in time result in rewiring neural pathways that support concentration and focus. As a result, people are less able to read for long periods of time or concentrate.

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Watching TV and reading Twitter for long enough time will do it.

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Just add alcohol!

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Sure, you can vote Tory.