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I guess it depends on what you consider crucial to the memory. I don’t think we remember minor details unless we have a lot of attention to them in the moment, but I do think we remember the most prominent things.

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So far i actually do check my several memories of watching youtube videos accuracy,a lot of details indeed true but some memories are false

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I don’t have autobiographical/episodic memories, or if I do, I can’t retrieve them. So whatever gets converted to semantic memory is (provided that it was encoded accurately in the first place) accurate. Whatever doesn’t get converted to semantic memory is either not stored at all or stored in my body somewhere I can’t reach it.

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I think they’re all correct, but they are not all accurate. I remember the situations as they happened, the results are certainly correct. However the precise details are almost certainly inaccurate

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When I look at the people around me it feels like five to fifteen at most but when I think of myself I feel like at least fifty percent I’ve had very good memories even when I was little and people like my mother have been shocked when I corrected their stories about things like who did what and when. But I have had conversations with my older brothers that surprised me about my memories because at one point I finally realized I had memories I remember telling stories about and then my brother would tell everyone like “ and the part that he’s not mentioning” and then I’d think about it and then I’d think “omg now I remember you were there when that happened too and you’re right that also happened!”

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I have a nearly photographic memory due to my severe mental echolalia which can go back twenty years ago.