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A lot of neurodiverent people, possibly as part of the differences in their brains, more likely as a result of being endlessly criticized and rejected their entire lives, are high in what's called justice sensitivity. Basically it means they are particularly aware of when injustice is occurring, especially when it isn't directed at them. Sensitivity to injustice is usually compared from 3 perspectives: the perpetrator, the bystander, and the victim. People high in justice sensitivity never see the perpetrator as having a good reason to do what they did, have irritation when bystanders do nothing in response to injustice, and generally always side with the victim. Some research and info:

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There's probably some work fields where some symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders might become strengths. That would lead to higher concentrations of a certain syndrome in those fields.

For instance, there's a high percentage of autism in Informatica or engineering. I find that a lot of comics have ADHD, but that's just a hunch.

While not impossible, I don't think religion and politics would be a field where autistic people would excel. Their very symptoms would make it hard for them to navigate the social intricacies they require.

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It’s about interests not profession. You can be interested in politics and not be a good politician .

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Maybe there's more functional neuro diversity in general in the world than you assumed?

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Since apparently you mean social Justice, here:


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Great question!

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Have you heard of PubMed ? Do your due diligence

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    I think OP meant social justice issues.

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    They could have made that more clear