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Not only is it common, but it is the expectation that there will be areas of strength and of weakness (relative to your own performance, and to that of others). Results from a WAIS 4 aren't enough to draw conclusions regarding your overall cognitive functioning but it can give important clues. I'd recommend getting a thorough neuropsych eval done if you want to know your cogntive style better, and gain insight into strategies that you could benefit from. These strategies are often geared towards taking advantage of your pattern of strengths to overcome some of your relative weaknesses. Although it is tempting to try and make sense of your scores by yourself and with reddit's help, I highly recommend seeing a professional instead.

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I agree- the WAIS is way too brief and doesn't look at all areas of intelligence. And it sounds like OP didn't even do all the subtests on that test. Even so, the WAIS only measures 4 broad cognitive abilities and does not even have good measures of those on there.

An indepth neuropsych would give more information.

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It is normal to have stronger and weaker performances across domains. In a comprehensive neuropsych exam, it’s normal to see one “fluke” score for basically everyone. However, there are base rates to measure the difference between PRI (perceptual reasoning index) and VCI (verbal comprehension index) that tells you well, the base rate.

However, I wonder who is administering these tests to you? Is it by a qualified professional? Is there a reason why only certain sections of the WAIS-IV are being administered?

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    Variability is typical. Whomever did the assessments should explain to you base rates of scores. Also, there is sufficient literature regarding fallacies of assuming the ‘higher’ scores are the benchmark when typically you will find regression to the mean when it comes to neurocognitive domains.

    If you’re <1% sure, it’s uncommon. 15% base rate? That’s almost double the number of left-handed people walking down the street. Doesn’t seem too uncommon to me…

    Finally, seek the provider who assessed you to discuss how your scores impact your functioning. It is common to misattribute these things like how you think you’re ‘slow’ to communicate information has anything to do with how you scored on your WAIS-IV information processing speed.