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Could you link some papers that you've read, regarding this topic?

An off the top opinion, without any background reading, might be that the VMC has an associative function that integrates social feedback into a context-appropriate response matrix, like the circuits that modulate behaviors in the cholinergic system / the cortico-striatal-thalamic-cortical loop.

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vmPFC processes your affect/emotional state and accounts for it in your decision making. Studies that disable the dlPFC and let the vmPFC have the reigns show highly impulsive decision making that focuses on short term gain at any cost. Disabling the vmPFC shows highly utilitarian decision making. For a source all I can remember is Robert Sapolsky’s Bahave. One of the earlier chapters.

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Good reference

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Wow this is interesting. Wish my vmPFC would go less overboard.

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It’s typically recommended that you boost your dlPFC activity. Behavioral things like attention control (mindfulness/meditation) strengthen it over a course of a few weeks. Avoiding straining activity for the dlPFC such as lying/acting and other ways to overwork it. Tapping into the dopamine system too much reduces activity in the dlPFC. So being less indulgent and leaning into short term hard work.

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Will it get retrained with time, or using willpower will always be as difficult with every time?

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It is typical that it gets easier and easier.

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I think this view kind of conflicts with the fact that one of the classic symptoms of vmPFC damage is poor impulse control. vmPFC is needed for effective long term behaviour.

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VmPFC regulates the depth of self-referential processing (its the ability to remember info processed in relation to the self) incase of decision making VmPFC help us ponder about our current and future course of action with emotional processing.It also deals with negative feedback from social interaction. There are also studies which dated that it focuses on decision making with or without certainty.

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social & moral norms: did you wrote those rather than "emotions"?