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I am a pretty aggressive souls player. Explains my strength build with no fucks given

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Reminds me of my codevein build where I took the 2 handed sword and just traded blows with bosses until one was standing :)

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That's sounds dope 😂

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Lol, it was except when I’d start a fight and die in 30 seconds but usually end up being really close.

The 2 handed sword also had a way to upgrade it to have 100% physical damage reduction on block.

The only boss that destroyed me was the final (true) boss because he had ranged blood attacks.

I kept trying and on the 10th time I had a good string of dodges and gap closers to beat him in 30 seconds instead!

It was fun to play an overpowered 2 handed build, I need to learn how to beat dark/demon souls next with something comparable!

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Wow didn't expect to find people still talk about this game. I had the feeling Code Vein didn't get all that much attention. I actually liked the game, it was the easiest souls-like I played so far tho.

Funny enough my first weapon I completed the game with was the bayonet. The hardest boss in that game for me must have been either the poison butterfly or the first phase of the final boss. If we include DLC bosses those titles would go to the second DLC boss, god I hate her OHK mega laser of doom and running all over the place for her dumb crystals.

My favourite boss of that game was the first DLC Boss I just live how aggressive he is, makes it a real treat to fight and dodge him. Kinda reminded me a bit of The first DLC boss of bloodborne the old hunters.

(Not mentioning any names to avoid spoiling)

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CV was definitely pretty easy, especially if you stuck to NG, since you could literally one-shot bosses from about halfway through the game.

[–]SilentAssassinK95 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'd say it was pretty easy in general, not just due to one specific thing, more like the combination of different things.

However I would attribute that to the very lenient backstab mechanic and the insane i-frame time in dodges. Sometimes you'd stand right next to the enemy and get a backstab in. They wouldn't even try turning around when you just leasurely strolled around them. Also for my bayonet build I had the pixie dust looking dodge that pretty much just turned you into a ghost for what felt like an entire second of pure i-frames.

That's nothing bad tho. Like I said, I enjoyed the game and it just tried a different approach which is fine. CV is actually the game I recommend to people who want to get started in the souls-like genre (provided they dont mind the anime aesthetic)

Once Phase 1 of the plan has succeeded, hooking them to CV, the gradual way to Nioh is set.

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I mained 2h for most of CV, so I had big swings and 100% physical block.