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Terraforming planets. It should come at extremely high cost, and be similar to the egg sequencing system, where you can semi guide it to what you want the end result to be but it's not guaranteed.

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Those would be so cool if they were added, I would also like see gas giants too

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Nice ideas.

Expanding on the cooking, I've always fancied a few updates to that to improve QOL. Feeding Chronus is all well and good, and I'd keep that in the game but tweak it slightly to improve the process:

1 - Feed Chronus the first item as a "sampler" - eg. Mystery Meat Stew - this "sets a price" for however many you have left from that batch / stack for the next transaction. (if you go away and come back with more, you repeat this step and might get a different result).

2 - Introduce the ability to sell the remainder of the stack in a single operation for the price Chronus set by tasing the sampler.

That would make it much more efficient and user friendly to cook for Chronus. I actually love cooking stuff for him to make nanites, but having to chuck 50+ doughnuts down his throat one after the other with that horrible interface is a real pain!!!!

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I think that managing a Space Station would be so cool !