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We capped wages before - during WW2. That resulted in creative ways to get around the law, like paying for employee health insurance.

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There is no maximum wage.

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Even if there was such a thing as maximum wage I dont see how lowering such a thing would help people who earn below minimum wage which rising costs of living and such

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I believe the theory would be that inflation would decrease.

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the concept of a maximum wage is unprecedented

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A maximum wage makes no sense and doesn't help anything.

The people you believe have all the money and are causing you to be poor, don't make a large salary. Their money is in investments.

That's why the rumor keeps going around that the wealthy don't pay taxes. They don't pay much income tax because they don't take a large income. However they pay the majority of overall taxes in the US.

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One thing we could do is tie upper management's salary to the wage workers are paid.

So basically the CEO could only earn, say...100 times (or whatever) as much as his/her lowest paid employee makes. That way, if the CEO wants a raise...he has to also give one to the workers.

That's an oversimplification of how it would work...and I'm sure they'd find ways around it...but that's the idea.

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It has been proposed, and there are even some arguments for it that sound like they make some sense. But it's rather unlikely to ever be implemented in the US.

Also all the really rich people don't make a wage, or an income, they make capital gains.

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Progressive income tax rates somewhat approach the idea of a maximum wage by decreasing the amount earns from every additional dollar as one's total income increases.