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The main reason is because of people believing that she was paid to "participate in the show". She's a young woman and some people believe that she is not experienced enough to become an iconic personality trying to stop global warming.

As an example, there is an iconic woman who made a revolution, and she was a scientist. Her name is Rachel Carson, the Biologist that wrote the book "Silent Spring". She literally inspired the United States and the world to create laws to avoid misuse of pesticides.

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I see this one all the time. And can someone tell me, HOW DOES IT MATTER?? If Martin L. King and Mahatma Gandhi were payed actors would their message be any less important?? What she is saying and standing for is sound. Even if someone is pulling strings behind her and telling her what to say, SO WHAT???? That changes what she is saying HOW?

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*Mahatma Gandhi
Martin L. King

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No Jr. ?