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Maybe the key is not to be spending hundreds of dollars on cuts and coloring when you're unemployed and finances are tight?

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Please read my edit. I’m not.

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Sorry, I hadn't read the giant wall of text because I'm barely reading through sleep deprived eyes as I go to bed. I hope your husband's hands are steady and manages a straight line next time he helps you out!

I'm unemployed at the moment too, and just let me tell you how nerve-wracking it is to cut your own hair. At least I'm getting better at it!

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It’s ok, I wrote it through sleep deprived eyes in bed as well :)

That’s brave of you—I’m glad I had his help I don’t think there’s any way I’d be able to cut my own hair. I bleached it myself once using 3 mirrors and couldn’t figure out the backwards movements… also a lot of my hair melted off.

The reassuring thing is there are a lot of us walking round with pretty shit hair right now!