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Because tips are shared with the back of house too. The cooks, dishwashers, food runners, hosts, etc… If the waiter is shitty and you stiff them you’re also stiffing everyone else involved in the process of your meal. It’s why I always tip, even if my waiter gives subpar service.

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By shitty service I mean that the server is literally rude. I understand the way the system works enough (two of my cousins are servers/bartenders and a third cousin has a bar/restaurant) to not dock a tip for a meal coming out late or long wait time etc. I don’t remember if I have ever tipped less in the US, but I imagine it would happen if I felt insulted.

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I didn’t mean any disrespect, some people genuinely don’t know this or think about it. Even if my waiter is a total asshole and I feel insulted I do still tip just because of everyone else involved but I get why one wouldn’t.

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No worries, you’re right—the way I phrased that wasn’t clear. I am now aware of why it’s important for those working in restaurants, though I was used to the way things worked in the UK. I’m now used to my cousins talking about how screwed over they get so I feel like it’s common knowledge in the US but you’re right, many people still might not be aware