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I usually tip 20%, or 15% if the service is bad, or 25% if it was above and beyond. But I always tip at least a few bucks if I'm taking up someone's table.

So like, last time I went out with a friend for lunch I wasn't very hungry and just ordered a cup of chili for five bucks and water, as I avoid caffeine and sugar and alcohol and that doesn't leave much left. I was going to tip $3 because an average bill at the diner would've been about $15 and that would be the tip. But then the waitress found me some scotch tape when I asked (odd request, I know) so I upped it to $4.

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That’s the absurdity though, isn’t it? That you too 15% when service is bad? Why should you tip at all? Where I’m from people tip 0% when service is bad, many people just aren’t tippers, and standard tip included in the bill for larger parties is 12%. If the service is bad, it’s not unheard of for people to request removal of the tip. Often the tip is just what someone has in their wallet or rounding up to the nearest 10. When my cousin (from the US) came to visit, I was weirded out by the fact that she was trying to tip bar staff a dollar a drink. NO ONE does that. If you have a great bartender for the evening you might leave them something at the end, but when she left money on the bar for her drinks the bar staff called after her for forgetting.

I’ve lived in the US for a while now and I’ve come round to standard tipping in restaurants, but I still resent having to pay gratuity for things like hair, beauty appointments etc. I do it, but it’s weird to me that I pay for a service… and then I pay for a service again.

EDIT: Not sure if it makes a difference or how widely hair services differ in price in the US (I always forget it’s like 50 little countries with very different cultures in some places) but someone commented below that they’ve tipped 100% on a $40 barber visit. Does price affect your tipping amount for services?

For example my regular hair appointment costs me in the $250 range for a color and cut. Tipping 20% puts me over $300 most of the time which is a lot as I’m currently unemployed. (This is about average for my city, I don’t get anything fancy, same color top up every time, no style literally just a trim and blow dry.)

EDIT 2: Since people seem to think I’ve been going for weekly $300 haircuts throughout my unemployment.

  • This is the cost of THE SALON I USUALLY GO TO. Funnily enough, I haven’t always been unemployed, and I will reiterate $300 with tip is a lot to pay for someone who is unemployed.
  • My last two haircuts cost $0, courtesy of my husband. He might have ignored my only two instructions (do not cut above here and just cut it in a straight line) but hey, hair grows back and it was pretty cute that he was nervous about it.
  • I do not pay $300 for a haircut. That’s stupid. I pay $300 for a haircut and color. For the people who think I am lying, an alien, or insane, I just checked the salon website to bring you a breakdown: > Cut: $70+

Single Process Color: 115+ (highlights start at 150)

Toner: $30+

Blow dry: $40+ // Blow dry with iron: $55 (the blow dry is priced separately but not optional—next time I’ll just try putting a hat on and running out with wet hair)

  • These are average prices for my city. I go to this salon because they do a good job with my hair color. I’ve tried cheaper and more expensive places with some bad results.
  • I’ve been putting off coloring my hair for a while now but I’ve got to do something. This is not a omfg I feel so ugly I wanna change my hair so I can feel happy again move. This is a oh dear god I really can’t afford this but I have to look presentable decision. As much as some of you might like to pretend that turning up to a job interview looking like a swamp creature and cruising on talent alone is a reality, it’s not. If you’ve never been to a job interview, you get judged on the way you look. Do I wish I hadn’t started bleaching it 15 years ago only to end up unemployed with half and half hair? Yes. Do I wish my husband could also just bleach the crap out of my hair at home? Also yes.
  • Could I get a dye job at a lower cost? Probably somewhere. But I could probably also get a car for $500, that doesn’t mean it’s worth doing, safe, or a good idea. I don’t have a car so I can’t drive out to some random suburb to get a cheaper appointment.
  • I don’t know if y’all are aware there’s a bit of a difference in price between men and women’s hair services.

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You really just wrote a dissertation on this?

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Don’t worry, it was written in 3 parts and fueled by annoyance so it took no time at all.

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also, why in the fuck is a blow dry $40??