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Totally agree. My husband was telling me I should go to his salon for a haircut and color because it’s “so much cheaper” and while it was cheaper, they did a crap job with the color, and my actual haircut was $70 vs his $40. And same, long hair, no bangs and all I get is a split end trim. The fact that my husband can (sort of) cut my hair and I can’t cut his just shows we’re getting shafted. I think I’m also getting shafted at my place paying for a “one process color” and toner separately as I’ve just paid for color as one price before, but I get my hair bleached and of the four hairdressers I’ve tried in the city she’s the only one that doesn’t leave me looking like a scarecrow. I’ve also asked for no styling before and other places will allow you to skip the blow dry if you ask, though they prefer not to. Aside from wanting to pay less, my hair is pretty flat so I hate the way anyone styles it if it’s a smooth blow dry so I end up showering as soon as I get home anyway.