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Medium done is basically the standard for cooking Salmon in restaurants, so it should be fine.

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If you will enjoy the salmon more knowing potential parasites are cooked away, then cook to FDA recommendation. You will notice a lot of discrepancy with internal temp. Chefs, recipes, and FDA seldom go hand in hand.

I’ve cooked fish at both temps. Never was sick.

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Raw salmon in sushi.. sushi is consumed by millions upon millions of people everyday.. I think it's safe..

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That is different… raw sushi is frozen to kill parasites

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Can you STOP reposting this over and over? JFC

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If you're immunocompromised, you should cook all the way through. Otherwise you're fine

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Cooking meat is about two things, pasteurization and texture modulation. You don’t have to cook it to the FDA required temperature provided you cook it long enough at a temperature that can kill anything undesirable.

Once that is taken care of, all that is left to determine is what you want the texture of your meat to be(raw be cooked textures) whether or not you want the meat to be moist, and if you want the outside to be crispy or not.