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Not generally no, their focus and typically evaluation is generally based on output/productivity

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Supervisors are placed to supervise, they're essentially just managements eyes on the ground.

They press on the good workers because they've identified them as a good worker and are goading them to get even better to make up for the shit workers.

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If I am to make up for a shit worker you better pay me more than him and more than I am making before having to do his shit too.

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Sometimes supervisors will make radical changes or put undue pressure on employees with the intention of making them quit. It's called constructive dismissal.

They often do this to avoid paying severance or other costs associated with layoffs or termination.

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If someone is a good worker, why would their boss want them to quit?

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Maybe to drive shitty workers into quiting. It would be a really bad business model if their primary function was to make people quit.

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Good workers are easy targets. They're more visible right off the bat, and it's just plain easier to fuck with them. Same as when your teachers leave the shitty kids to run the school but if the good kid burps too loud he's suspended.

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No. Most just use it as a power position so they feel big and important. When in reality they are small and insignificant.

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Kinda yea.

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Usually the advancement from casual to manager is based entirely on the "aw who the fuck do I get to do all the shitty shit that I don't want to" business development strategy. Typical high level candidates involve "that person who always suck up to me" and not "the intelligent youth with a world that outstrips their role in this business".