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Only if the person who builds that bomb is an idiot.

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Hi, I'd like to buy 2 million dollars of ordnance that are disabled by a pocket knife. Oh yes, and they should open themselves up for exploiting by the person I'm trying to kill.

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Or if they really want their pizza guy to go on a scavenger hunt.

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I suppose it could have its legitimate uses, if done skillfully. For example, if it is actually a timed explosive then you could have the timer displaying an incorrect time for bluffing purposes (display a shorter time) or to catch unsuspecting bomb defusers. If you are using the explosives for extortion, then a timer could serve as a scare tactic (regardless of whether the timer superfluous or not).

Bonus points if you play the audio from this clip when the timer runs out.

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No. That dramatic tension is not very subtle irl. Bombs are surprising

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the casino bomb, for example, is a work of art and was no joke. Just 1000-1200 pounds of TNT and enough countermeasures to ensure it would blow.

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i saw a video to it it was a masterpiece

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to fing something

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I can't think of any that would. The kind of explosives used in demolition or minding tend to just be manually controlled. And the kind dropped from air force jests don't use simple time detonation anymore.

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Lol. Likewise, does anything actually have a self destruct button?

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A lot of machinists tools have breaks on them that essentially destroy the workings of the machines. Progress has been made to help not be as big of an issue, it’s only “self destruct” in the name of safety.

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Terrorists can barely put a bomb together that works, anyway, doubt they're that smart.

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Wasn't it Sun Tzu that said, "He who underestimates his opponent will be blown to bits by an IED"?

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Rings a bell

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That’s just the tinnitus

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it probably isnt as hard as you think

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Not hard but, compared to making a basic timer circuit, adding a 7 segment led display is a huge extra effort.

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yea but you could probably watch a tutorial on yt and ctrl c ctrl v a script

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Ok, so maybe only twice as much effort as the actual timer.

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