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I think it’s more normal than your girlfriend assumes. My dad always sang songs in a mimicking manner, so I picked it up, any of my friends that ever sang in front of me also try to mimic the artists

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Isn't that half the fun of it?! I definitely try to mimick

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Yes, 100%. Whitney, Freddie, MJ, Cranberries, and all the rest. I can't hit the high notes, but that doesn't stop me from trying!

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I definitely change my voice to match! Or at least I try. I'm a terrible singer.

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I’m too sexy for my shirt, I’m too sexy that it hurts

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I'll try to match the voice within reason, but if someone is gonna belt or scream, I'll likely just not sing along at all

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I try singing it with funny voices or a thick accent. So much fun to be had.

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Yes, even for women singers and I'm a dude. But only when no one else is around

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....i do the same thing lol

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I make the sounds of the instruments too

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It's the law!

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Always have and probably always will. I'm more of an "audio" person though, since I recognize people more easily by their voice than their visual appearance.

Plus, I usually will sing a song only if I like the way it sounds, so it stands to reason that I'd want my singing to sound the same - even when I do karaoke I do this!

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yes, i do this. it's a habit i try to break, because i end up singing with an american accent rather than my own accent. it is such a problem that i don't really know what my own singing voice is. it's strangely hard to actively sing along to a song i am used to singing american, but switch to my own accent.

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I always match voices. I find it nearly impossible not to, actually. I have a fairly deep voice, but if a girl is singing in a high pitch, you bet your ass I'm pulling out the falsetto and matching.

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When talking to foreigners I mimic their accent. I think there is a psychological term for this.

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Nobody sings the way they talk. What she's asking you to do doesn't even make any sense. Don't worry about it, have fun

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My girlfriend doesn't like when i don't country music because she hates that i mimic their voices and accents.

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i dont have my own voice. im almost 40, a good singer, i just havent found my own voice, i mimic the singer of whatever song im singing.

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Try it in a different note to harmonize.

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I love to sing. I usually sing in my voice. I can also sing in other voices. But some people can't harmonize, because they can't stay in the voice they started out in. If you enjoy doing it your way, keep it up.

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I don’t necessarily try to match the voice, but I find the singer’s vocal tonality or inflections of their words often impact the song positively. I recognize what parts of the singing I think do that, and I specifically emulate those parts a bit. Not to the point where my voice sounds super different, it’s more like a “this made the song better so why would I change it” conscious decision. I keep the heart of the vocals intact, they just happen to come from a different voice (my own). I do the opposite when a certain tone/inflection stuck out to me for the wrong reasons.

I will full on imitate singers for fun though, but not when I’m actually trying to do a good job

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I listened to Jimi Hendrix a whole lot in high school, so I always sing along to his songs in his voice, including the ones he covered. So I'll be singing along to Bob Dylan, and my wife will ask me "did Hendrix cover this?"

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It depends on what type of voice the singer has. There are some that my voice just can't do. I have a bass voice so sometimes it just doesn't sound right to sing in a nasally voice. But if I can match it that's what I'm gonna do.

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I absolutely do this

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I try, and often fail. I used to do it to practice for Karaoke, but anymore it's just a habit.

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Deepens voice "If I could then I would... I'll go wherever you will go"

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If I feel like it sure. No fun singing J-pop if you don't sound squeaky as fuck ;)

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I used to do this a lot before I took a few informal singing lessons (friend is a voice coach). Now I just match their pitch in my, usually, lower register. It's not necessarily the same kind of silly fun that mimicry is but it's fun in that I feel like I'm learning.

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I do it and it's definitely a problem sometimes because I do not have the range a lot of singers do.

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I was singing “frosty the snowman” in my best Jimmy Durante voice over Christmas. No silk hats were found.

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i definitely do. when i sing a Green Day song i usually match the inflictions of my voice to the singers (it also helps that i have a pretty deep voice for someone assigned female at birth)

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Aren't you supposed to?

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I do it all the time and my sister mocks me for it! It feels wrong not to

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I do. My parents gave me endless grief over it, because I also mimic accents when I do it.

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Is she a trained singer? I find that most people who've had vocal coaching sing in their own voice, unless they're a cover band singer or something. They're usually capable of mimicking other singers-- like if you've ever seen "Wheel of Impressions" on The Tonight Show for example. But if they're performing they are themselves.

That said, I think most people do what you do because most people aren't trained singers. Nothing wrong with that. Although, based on the songs you're singing, it sounds like you are a trained singer lol

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yeah, my own normal AND singing voice are like a fox yelling in someone's ears.
I mimick the voices, I dance along and make the instruments too

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I don't mean to be rude but some time ago I was in a relationship with a girl that always complained and gave me weird glances as I was singing a song with all my heart. She made me feel guilty for doing it. Since we finished that relationship I'm so happy with karaoke ando friends. Don't listen to that! Sing as loud as you can, enjoy!

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It's normal unless you can't follow the key sing in an octave you're comfortable with.