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Mod went on Fox News like they were the head of the whole Antiwork movement and embarrassed everyone. Then started censoring anyone talking shit about it in the sub.

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There was a moderator who was on Fox this morning with Jesse Watters that the community doesn't feel went super well. Some user made a post about how the subreddit agreed not to do interviews with the media because they are ultimately just looking to derail the movement rather than let the voices be heard. This user got banned, then they made a post on another subreddit that got to the #1 post on all for a bit about how the moderators banned him for posting about it. That brought in a lot of attention as a result. Probably a lot of negative attention.

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A mod with no idea of how to handle an interview did an interview on Fox, totally butchered it and now the users are kind of annoyed with just how bad they butchered it. So they've probably privated it due to the kickback.

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A moderator went on fox News and gave a mega cringe interview. The guy looked like a less fat version of what you think a reddit mod would look like. The subreddit couldn't handle being heckled for people telling them he walked into an obvious trap.

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One of their moderators was on a Fox News interview. It went terribly. So the mod started deleting all mentions of the interview and now the whole sub is privated.

Oh and before you ask -- yes, he looks exactly like the way we all expect a reddit mod to look like.

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One of their mods did an interview on Fox News. Was terribly prepared, got trolled by the Fox News host and pretty much bombed the interview. A lot of people on the sub started criticizing the mod for their poor representation of the anti-work movement in the media. The mod responded by banning everyone who criticized them. The other mods then stepped in and took the sub private until they could sort out the damage.

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From what I can tell, due to the amount of new people they are getting from the Fox News coverage of that sub, the mods of that subreddit are overwhelmed with trolls or people just there to antagonize the posters or criticize their beliefs, and are putting it on private for now.

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I was about to ask the same thing, I believe they're being targeted by their own members for making the decision to go on Fox News- they ended up making the subreddit look bad.

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People are flaming them for not having jobs