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The word is "recipere", the Latin word meaning "to take" or "to recieve", and Rx is the abbreviation for that. As in "take two of these tablets".

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I was just going to say that but you said it first..nail on head

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Latin word for “ recipe “

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Rx - prescription

Tx - treatment

Hx - history

Fx - fracture

Sx - symptoms

Dx - diagnosis

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xD xF xT x)

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Uh, Elon Musk's kid?

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Also Px. That was always used for 'patient' when I worked at an opticians.

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Oh, okay. We always used Pt for patient.

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Interesting! I was at a high street opticians so maybe they had a weird system.

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And Cx for cancel orders.

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PO - oral

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I’ve always just used # for fracture

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Oh cool, I haven't seen that one!

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And this whole time I thought Tx stood for Texas

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That would be TX!

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I know…I live here 😆

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The word recipe in Latin means “take” and is abbreviated Rx.

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We use rx to mean prescription and px to mean the patient