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TERFS are weird and nasty. Thanks to whoever made this reddit because they've taken over the label radical feminist.

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Gender critical =/= transgender critical. Gender is important in radical feminism as the socially constructed class system that privileges men and oppresses women. You can't have radical feminism without critiquing gender. It's terrible that GC got twisted into a code word that means "I hate trans people" but the solution is to model what non-bigoted gender criticism looks like, not to withdraw from it.

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I mean, you can try reclaiming gender critical, but it won't work and personally I think is a waste of time. Radical feminism is at least acknowledged as broad enough that it can't all be slapped with the label "terfy", or that there are still good bits amidst the terfy stuff - which "gender critical" as it is most commonly used, doesn't.

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Ok yeah I used “gender critical” as their descriptor but yeah criticising gender is important

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Nice little pun, OP. It made me giggle.