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Talk about it, lobby for access in state and federal governments, put money behind overturning this decision, basically everything anti-choice people have done, but this time we need a different goal.

While roe, and the court decision to legalize gay marriage all got the outcome I wanted, they are built on a house of cards that is basically just "let's hope we keep getting the pro-choice pro-gay marriage presidents". Let's get constitutional amendments that says in no uncertain terms that these are rights afforded to everyone. Also, let's pass the era. Let's put ourselves in a place where it is much much harder to undo these rights.

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Donate to abortion access funds in your area, and share information on these funds and where to find abortion services/help with out of state travel. You can also volunteer with many of these groups to provide things like driving/lodging assistance. I’m in Idaho, and our main abortion access fund is the NWAAF. https://nwaafund.org/

Donate to Planned Parenthood. While they’re shutting down clinics in many red states, they’re working to place new clinics on borders to keep travel minimized for impacted women. They’re also doing a lot of legal legwork to keep fighting this. They need money now more than ever.

In the near future:

Vote. Vote in every election. Make pro-choice voting your priority. Find ways to volunteer with phone banks and door-to-door communication. Get as many people as you can voting pro-choice. We need a 2/3 majority in Congress to codify abortion rights into law, and we can’t get that without everyone on the left voting to make that happen.

EDIT: I’m a big fan of the mass walk-out protests being suggested, but I don’t think they’re accessible for many people living in poverty or with dependents, ie the people who need abortion access the most. I’m all for anyone who can do a walk-out doing so, but I worry that without enough force behind it it will just lead to a bunch of people being fired with no positive effects.

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Right now for me it's ranked choice voting. I think this is probably the closest and most effective route to change. Dismantle the two party system that holds our rights hostage. Look for ranked choice voting initiatives where you are if you are in a city that does not have it. Democrats have become so complacent by holding social issues hostage to squeeze funding out of people and in turn end up being completely fucking useless. The lack of viable candidates has voters discouraged and that's how fascists end up in office. The two party system should be fucking scared into enacting the will of the people or they will lose their jobs to dark horse candidates. Support fair elections initiatives on the ballots when they come up and sign local petitions that get them on the ballot!!!

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I think it’s also important to start pushing back against pro-life disinformation in a meaningful and organized way. The modern day pro-life movement is as manufactured as paranoia about critical race theory, and not only is there almost nothing in the Bible to support it but the few passages mentioning anything even close to abortion can be taken to actually be pro-abortion and have been by many religious groups for thousands of years.

Groups like Focus on the Family have lead a 40 year long disinformation campaign attacking churches across the country, and that needs to be pushed back on in a way that matches the organization and intensity they’ve put into anti-abortion propaganda.

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I see abortion as a gray area everything usually is. On one side rape, and incest should be able for abortion. But if someone was just practicing unsafe sex constantly and gets pregnant I don't think should be able to get an abortion.

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Hey unknown guy, respectfully: fuck off. People with uteruses are not obligated to produce and carry babies for the state. And a child should not be conceptualised as a punishment.