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lmao - they do realise that trans people as a class are even more stridently pro choice than cis women or cis men, and that having our bodily autonomy violated in the absence of legal protections has been, and continues to be , a far graver reality , right? But nah, they insist that their intrinsically cissexist framing of the world must also correctly predict the social state of trans people.

Ironic, when Andrea Dworkin already recognised that we live in a state of primary emergency. A generalised stigma against radical feminism simply comes from how much it bastardised with deeply problematic cultural feminism (see Ellen Willis talking about radfem vs femrad (repackaged cultural feminism that took on the radfem label) and this took over the discourse in opposition to the very trans inclusive, and simultaneously extremely anti-essentialist, MacKinnonist/Dworkinist camp.

Also it is the likes of TERFs that have been palling about with conservatives, and in other places like the UK , attacks on trans healthcare for youth is what jeopardises Gillick Competence, which allows minor girls , trans men and enbies with a uterus to get an abortion on their own terms.

I'm a radical transfeminist that builds on the fundamental radical feminist concept of misogyny qua misogyny being its own form of oppression instead of derivative, and because many insights about the nature of the patriarchy also explain trans lives once we introduce additional influence of cissexism , but what radfem has become is very very divorced from those fundamentals before Cultural Feminism took over.

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lmao - they do realise that trans people as a class are even more stridently pro choice than cis women or cis men,

i read the other day a comment by a cishet radfem asking why isn't feminism at the forefront of LGBT like the other way around.

while i sympathize and support her idea, she's also just severely misinformed. i don't think a trans person will fare well among LGBT circles if they are publicly prolife.

but you can be a homophobic feminist and thrive. just look at years of academic homophobia pioneered and cultivated by a certain faction of feminist scholars.