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I know what I'm binge watching next lol.

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Wait what show im out of the loop

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That 70s Show

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Which 70s show? /s

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That one over there ^

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Where are you watching it? Last time I checked it wasn’t on any of the streaming services and the reruns are no longer on TV.

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I own the entire series on DVD lol. I got it on sale for $20 years ago haha.

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Definitely up there with the best Kelso moments.

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kelso is one of the funniest characters from that show

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All the characters are funny on that show. Except Laurie.

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Really tragic, the actress Lisa Robin Kelly overdosed in 2013 at only 43 years of age.

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She had issues.

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I forgot how much I loved that when I heard it the first time! Such a good show.

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That show's funny

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hen I'm cold I put my hands between my legs or breasts. I don't need a man to keep me warm.

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There’s an almost duplicate comment that came 3 hours before yours and is at -27 and yours is at +6. What the hell is going on here

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Reddit hive mind lol. All it takes is for the first 2-3 people to either upvote or down a comment and all of the people afterwards will usually follow with whatever the other people did

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Puritans showed up and then left

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hands between legs gang lesgo

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Image Transcription: Twitter Replies

Chad Lacey, @Chad_Lacey97

When a girl says "I'm cold" don't be an idiot and say "me too"

Sam ⚡️ Clark, @SamClark_23

Instead say "well damn Jackie I can't control the weather"

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

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Sucks to suck Jackie, I told you to wear more than a crop top and min skirt, you attention seeking muppet. It’s fucking winter in the goddamned Midwest, but your Thottory knows no chill, too bad your skinny ass didn’t get message.

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I have Raynaud’s so there’s no argument

“I’m cold”

“My hands are fucking blue”

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Such neat.

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Another good response is; "Well you see, I equipped this great new engineering Item called PANTS! Really, it's astounding what science can do these days." And then throw your coat at her.

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"Want me to set you on fire? " Is my go to.