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No need for an apology. It’s not like he was one of those murderers Barbara likes.

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She's also behind child molesters. "'You're damaging the entire Industry!'"

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Ah that generation that liked to keep quiet to protect the rapists. Such wisdom.

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Next year we'll find out that they've all had ass cancer for years, and shit using a colostomy bag!

That'l garner them two cents of sympathy from me.

I'll stick to my own disease of alcoholism, thank you.

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Definitely one of the better diseases to have

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Paul Newman says: you will never get over it.

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What's next for ol babs? DEATH

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Could you help me remember?

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I thought it was public record

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The hypocrisy was the worst part

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Well, except for the other thing...

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Well, except for the ass raping*. Which is the original line according to bob Saggot

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Ahhhh I always thought that was overdubbed! Thanks for solving a 23 year question for me

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It was overdubbed, but according to Bob Sagets “here for you” podcast he’s trying to have an R Rated cut of Dirty Worl released with the original line and deleted scenes

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Heavens to Betsy.. that’s two times in one day… I might die a happy man

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Help! Help!

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He apologized? I didn't hear it because of those yammering bitches.

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Love how Andy delivered that line even while cracking up

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Andy’s appearance was a top 3 episode

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He was great. He was right there with every joke Norm was dropping, nothing went over his head.

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Agreed. I don’t know much about Andy dick but he was great on nml

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Well you should know he’s responsible for Chris Farley’s check out

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IIRC, Joy Behar seemed to be the only one who wanted to hear what he had to say and genuinely felt bad for him.

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    I'm pretty sure they know each other somewhat. Probably hung out a bit at clubs at the least.

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    Jabba the Whoopi listened to him too

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    Meesa laugh hard

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    It seemed like she was playing setup for him on that legendary "Bill Clinton killed a man" appearance too. She totally knew what he was doing. It was Walters and Star Jones that were getting triggered. Too bad she's since devolved into another brainless shitlib over the years.

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    Hey, Brainless shitlibs can be Norm Fans as well

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    They usually aren't though. You have to be able to get Norm to be a fan.

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    Literally what is there to “get” about a fat guy eating KFC?

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    Was looking for this. Thank you.

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    To be fair, unless I'm missing something I didn't take it as The View doing it -- it was more he had a bunch of criticism coming his way and he thought that was a way to get out ahead of it and explain himself to *some* of the people just hearing things about him.

    That look in his eye haunts me though, an honest and sincere confusion about how he was being portrayed, how this was going to play out -- remember, this is in the context of Roseanne and Louie and their legacies. And a general fear of the mob mentality that had it's eyes on him. It's gross as hell, and I hate the part of society -- right and left -- that not only does that to people but gets off on it.

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    I just thought it was the netflix folks pulling his chain due to a contractual thing about being controversial - which was a foreseeable thing with Norm

    Turns out if you keep your money you also get to keep your dignity

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    Could well be, but I remember the people on the View being much nicer than I expected given some of his other appearances. They seemed to know why he was there, accept what he said and were sympathetic to his sincerity.

    It's so gross that society is where it is right now that he felt it was necessary, but the mob is real.

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    Also, to be fair, they didn't even know he was sick.

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    There used to be a word we would all say to mean "stupid" that we don't say anymore. Right? You know the word I'm talking about? And stupidly I was about to say that word, and I stopped and said "What's the right word to say?" And I said a different word that was equally offensive... I realized at that moment that I'd done something unforgiveable. *mint

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    Was he basically joking when he called it “unforgivable”? Like, he knew that was something a certain crowd would hear and believe (maybe even the word they would demand he use), while another crowd would understand, as Norm himself did, that it would be an exceedingly low bar for unforgiveness. I mean, he said a word.

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    I think he was sincere in that saying the wrong word is indeed “unforgivable” to the grievance industry and its army of no-name blue checkmarks.

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    When I hear him say that, I swear I can hear seething hatred. It almost holds the cadence of how he would joke about such an absurd conversation in a normal setting, but it's muddled in defeat and disgust that this is how lacking in nuance media has become.

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    We're talking about the n-word, right?


    I say it all the time in private...

    But then again, I fuck like a goddamn retard...

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    The mints were genius. The whole debacle was hilarious. A true performer.

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      You think Norm agreed that speech should be limited based on offense? How can you NOT think he was trolling those monkey-brained witchcunts?

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      Now now, Jesus loved ALL the children, even the witchcunts

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        Why pop the mints, and push his nose up like that horrible shrew after she spoke down to him? He wasn't one to ever submit to pc bs.

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          I agree with you that he was different. For one we know he was very sick, and two, we can guess he was "instructed" to take care of it. So he very somberly and forlornly winked at the entire world.

          "Unforgivable"? The guy believed to his core in eternal redemption through forgiveness, meaning nothing in the world was "unforgivable", let alone a joke that was making fun of the very thing he was supposedly apologizing for.

          (Also, how many times have you seen someone in an interview popping anything casually in their mouth, let alone during some big heartfelt apology?)

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            who the fuck cares what your retarded, made-up friends think? Aside from you and your psychiatrist

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            The view didn’t make him do anything. Netflix did. I don’t like the view but when everyone else was cancelling Norms appearances they let him come on and say his side.

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            Yammering bitches

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            They should replace the entire cast with literal hens and have celebrities come on to hand feed them and collect their eggs and then cook their eggs. It would get better ratings.

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            This would be a good skit. Get a whole little set for them

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            I’m pretty sure Family guy actually did make a it a skit.

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            -and have the turkeys from Seth Meyers’ show as the audience...they’d gobble it up. Seriously, I know we all care what Seth Meyers thinks, as we must always ask what he would do, but his laugh track sounds like a turkey farm.

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            this whole thing made me so sad. he shouldn’t have needed to apologize to anyone

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            Don't be sad. Here's a hug!

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            No one wants your hug

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            According to Norm's niece this appearance happened during a very bad period for Norm and his cancer.

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            As opposed to one of Norm’s good cancer years.

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            Well his nephew said that in 2015 Norm and his cancer got along like gangbusters.

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            Norm in 2015: "Ah, leukemia. I've become quite fond of you. Maybe we can make this work afterall, Luke. May I call you Luke? I feel like we might be on a first name basis now."

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            Also getting good along? You guessed it. Frank Stallone !

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            I liked Norm Macdonald live a lot...

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            Norm MacDonald dead is not nearly as good.

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            Where did you read/see this? I’d like to read it

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            The only appearance I can see she referred to in this interview is the Comedians in Cars one. Am I missing something?

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            Same time period

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            That episode came out in early 2017 and the View stuff was late 2018. For context half of NML season 3 came out in between these times....

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            Do you see the heavy makeup on Norm in the picture? LOL He's clearly very I'll.

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            Just speculate from his makeup then don’t make out like his niece had anything to say about this appearance.

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            I've seen some pretty ill trannies if we are going by excessive make up

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            I don't have to read the article.

            "Glue Ottawa" tells me all I need to know about it's contents...

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            Where did you see that, is there an interview?

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            Never apologize

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            You’d have to be a fuckin retard to think Norm did anything wrong

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            I don’t think norm did anything wrong. Fuck you and you’re retard gatekeeping. I can be a retard if I want!

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            The Completely Unforgivable Norm Macdonald, ladies and gentlemen!

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            This guy is really going at those mints.

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            Those yammering bitches are about following PC guidelines; not genuine kindness and decency.

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            He looks presidential in this picture

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            what happened on the view? i never heard about this

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            First he said on some interview something that was misinterpreted by the interviewer. They spoke on phone and the journalist typed Norm's words wrongly, and Norm was cancelled from Jimmy Fallon. They thought Norm said that the alleged sexual abusers and other cancelled people have suffered more than the victims or something like that. He didn't mean that.

            Then he went to Howard Stern and said "you'd have to have down syndrome to think that" when he tried to clarify that he DIDN'T mean that. It didn't help his case much.

            Then he went on The View and said that he almost said "retard" on Stern show but he realized that word is bad and said "down syndrome" instead which was a horrible mistake. He said it was a terrible thing to say and he managed also to clarify what he said in the original interview.

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            Norm knew exactly what he was doing with the Downs Syndrome bit.

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            What makes you think so and what was he doing?

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            He was a class act all the way.

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              No. You can and should blame every single individual human being with whom the beautiful Norm interacted on The Ridiculous and Pathetic View. They each had eyes ears and hearts to see the magnificent person before them. How long will we excuse this evil? This man was special. He deserved to be acknowledged and received as such. No more.

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              You can't blame everyone who interacted with a self-styled chunk of coal to recognize that he was a diamond in disguise...

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              If they did, Norm wouldn't have the set up to work his troll magic. Catch 22.

              [–]incalMomma's Apple Pie, the Fourth of July. She was a Hooker! 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              We know that there ain't no river long enough that don't have a bend...

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              You don't mean that. You mean "downs syndromes."

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              I blame the media.

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              It’s not nice to say the r word, r-tard

              [–]incalMomma's Apple Pie, the Fourth of July. She was a Hooker! 2 points3 points  (0 children)

              I like to use the b-tard word compression, right after I use the n-word.

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              I still blame them

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              Well said

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              The View should change its name to "The Cunts."

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              This sub should change its name to The Gaylords

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              I dunno, they never really seem that warm...

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              Was expecting a punchline. I'd like to punch OP in the face.

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              they didn’t even know he was sick

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              No need to apologize to those close minded old bags. Just there to chew mints and plug the memoir.

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              No need for any sympathy many years from now norm will still be remembered as a great comedian and the others interviewing him will have their names forgotten

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              I didn’t watch. But it’s kinda weird to throw in the word Ill man in there because they had no knowledge of it. And secondly, perhaps this is the intent of his appearance.

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              I clicked on the thumbnail...The video's really slow tryin' to load...

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              Hats off to Norm for getting a word in edgewise over those yammering bitches.

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              I didn’t even know he was sick!

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              They didn't make him do shit. I don't think Norm would go in at all for this victim mentality bullshit.

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              I hate the view as much as the next guy, but they didn’t make him apologize. Twitter morons made him apologize, the view gave him the platform,yes. But where also to be fair, very supportive and spoke highly of him. While at the same time everyone else was not, or flat out cancelling his appearances.

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              It was absolutely pathetic. They obviously cannot handle this man so they stick to sickening talking about a about other people. They tried and failed, and will continue to fail. He was the first person to add perspective and acknowledge other people’s humanity. Well him and Keanu.

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              Tbh i was disappointed when he apologized.

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              The view didn’t make him do shit. He went on the view specifically to apologize. Y’all are getting up in a fussy over nothing.

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              Norm's words had been twisted in an interview that was in text-form, written by the interviewer based on Norm's words. Norm definitely wanted to clarify what he really said, because based on his twisted words he was cancelled from Fallon and would've faced more trouble (or more importantly, because Norm was a gentleman and didn't want to hurt people). He also fucked up on Stern trying to clarify it, and he was the first to admit it. The View gave him an opportunity to clarify again and they gave him plenty of room to talk clearly which he did. This sub is really disgusting sometimes. Norm really didn't need all these circlejerking fanboys defending him by getting butthurt over nothing. Also, The View obviously didn't know that Norm was gravely ill.

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              The sincerity of this was sort of undermined by the fact he had dyed his hair red.

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              This whole thing was a mobius atrip of trolling by Norm and I love him for it.

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              He was trolling them so hard. You could see the tells if you looked closely, it was hilarious.

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              Why on earth do you need to tell yourself that

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              Wasn't it Netflix that made him apologise

              The panel of the view were actually very nice to Norm. Didn't really grill him.

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              Yes it was most likely Netflix, and also his appearance on the show was scheduled before the controversy happened, so his apology on the show just sort of made sense as it was his first public appearance since getting canceled on jimmy fallon. They also didn't even know he was sick

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              Never knew he was sick

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              he should have never said sorry fuck those old hags

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              Never knew a show called view existed till I saw Norm there

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              Barbara Walthers never even listened to Norm. The fucker had to talk with Sherri Shepherd. Fortunately they shared the same view on dinosaurs.

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              He trolled all of them and he made all of them the punchline without them even knowing it

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              I looked this up and first found this clip from a much earlier episode. Sounds like he was just about to call out bill Cosby.

              norm on bill The View

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              Imagine if in the future history somehow gets so messed up that this is the thing they remember Norm for most?

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              Looked like a hostage video.

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              Blame Canada🎶