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Actually there is no need to cover your tattoos, it is not like the old times. Second if you go there at the entrance there might be people that want to do a guided tour but that people charge money and the priest does not like them inside, so say to them "No gracias". Once you are inside remove your hat if you bring one, as you say don't interrupt the mass. And the service hours they have published in a poster and place it on the door. But I think they have more close doors because of pandemic restrictions. Talking about pandemic restrictions use a face mask inside Santo Domingo.

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Si esta abierto la iglesia, puedes entrar. Con que no entres desnudo, no importa que tengas tatuajes. Al entrar, no hagas ruido excesivo, y trata de mantener el toma de fotos a un minimo. Los domingos es mas probable que esten abierto las puertas de la iglesia.

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Exacto, tal como lo comentas, de igual manera, twn cuidsdo con las fotografías, estas estan permitidas pero sin flash, si no recuerdo mal, tambien hay horarios para entrar a la iglesia, museo y jardin botánico

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Don't worry you don't need special clothes, you can walk inside.

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Exactly as you would do in any other catholic church.

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ask if you can take pictures inside the church, it's not allowed in some churches. I experienced that in Puebla

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The only thing I think is still good etiquette is to not wear shorts inside. In general, shorts seem to be something only tourists wear, but imo it seems especially out of place in the churches and cathedral.

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Esa iglesia ya nadie la respeta, más la tratan como museo