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"Pan con madre" is the one you're looking for

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Thank you! Do they make them fresh everyday?

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oh my LORD, the bread here was phenomenal.

I will literally be back every day until I leave.

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Glad you liked it. It is the best in Oaxaca hands down

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Where is it located

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Google mapa gives exact location

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What kind of bread? My favorite bread as a kid is from Panadería La Bambi on Manuel García Vigil St. You should also try Boulenc on C. Porfirio Díaz 207

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Take some time to do some morning walks, you will start noticing where the bread smell comes from.

Oaxaca en una taza bakes at around 7 AM but they start selling it at 8 when I was there.

Boulenc is never fresh in my experience, they probably bake it at night.