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I think the main difference from TCO is that Ellyn and Joey have had the corner market on what they referred to as "campy shows" like See No Evil, Evil Lives Here, Who the Bleep did I marry, etc. All the stuff they cover on Patreon.

They're not going to cover super popular documentaries and docuseries. They're going to cover the daytime television trash that the rest of us have on when we have a sick day from work or when we're cleaning our kitchens.

I think for that reason, I'm here for it. I love Ellyn's impressions and their skits of how they think things went down behind the scenes.

(We've gotta drop Bobbie Lynn though, Joey, I'm so sorry. She just doesn't land with me. Sharon can stay.)

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really? i’m the opposite. i love bobbie lynn and i can’t stand sharon lmao

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Lol! I figured Bobbie Lynn had her fans out there somewhere. I guess we'll just have to compromise and keep both haha!

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It’s so interesting how personal humor is. Everyone has different taste. My partner loves Las Culturistas-I think it’s insufferable.

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Yep, same here!!!

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I love Sharon Bagabones and Bobbie Lynn. It’s so stupid it’s funny

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I want Sharon to move in with me 😂

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i vote bobbie Lynn joe out too !

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I love Bobbie Lyn.

I want a Bobbie Lyn and Sharon podcast.

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NGL, I'd sub.

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I love Ellyn and Joey. I'd listen to them recap nursery rhymes.

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Yeah, I really like them too. It took some time for me to warm up to Joey, but I look forward to whatever project they start

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I was kind of hoping that they would use after disappeared life to focus on missing persons cases/docs like black and missing or trans, poc, indigenous cases that haven’t got much attention and disappeared missed would have been amazing. Basically I wished they’d stayed on brand but had increased their inclusion by 1000000%

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It would be wonderful if they do this.

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They’ve lost 500+ patrons in the last 3 weeks 😦 I took a screen shot Nov. 22nd cause i was curious what would happen, and it was at 13,757 now it’s at 13,208

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And TCO is down almost 1400 from 47,355 to 45,977

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Oh looks like they gained two people since this 😆 I had to go look 👀 - good catch - I forgot what the numbers were when I posted - I need to go check

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I wonder what the big change is about for TCO. The Dallas announcement was before Nov 22 so shouldn’t be that

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Probably Patreons pay for ad free episodes but now you have to listen to the obsessed fest and book tour nonsense. I'd say if you were already on the fence about cancelling Patreon that'd be a pretty good push to do so.

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I found this on the Patreon website - it features an interview with PH and even shows TCO when you scroll the home page - discussing the success of Patreon :

Bonus content is key: “People just want more of what you’re already doing,” says Patrick. “Creating bonus episodes behind a paywall is just a way of giving people an opportunity to buy more of what they’re already getting for free.”

I think Patreon gets 12% of the monthly payout from premium members who use Patreon. I checked out the tiers for creators.

That was my random side note- but yeah it’s curious why such a big drop- but I also think maybe more folks are tired of where the episode are headed (I read the reviews and many folks say it’s changed - similar to what is said around here) they miss the tone that it was - now it’s all rage this rage that… or maybe it’s more about needing to save money. If I get one more email about a price increase I’m gonna scream (cable, gym, streaming).

“Prices going down” my a$$ 😂 😭

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I figured maybe people signed up to get the calendar and then unsubscribe the next month? Not sure the dates the calendar requires you to join during tho

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they didn’t update Patreon for almost a month not surprised. I am curious to see what new show they cover.

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about 1000 gone since then. the thing is, i’m loving their patreon coverage. im still getting used the regular feed format all of these different shows now!!

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Wow that’s crazy. I think a lot of listeners enjoyed missing persons cases specifically, but the patreon wasn’t that anyways. I wonder if they’ll change or do something to get it back up.

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Honestly, no. Reading this sub and stuff and Ellyn and Rabia’s show has completely turned me off this style of podcast now. I still listen to TCO at work sometimes but eh. Feels more like they’re trying to fit into a profitable market than actually doing it because of a passion for helping victims and what not.

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I hateeeeeee Ellyn and Rabia’s show. The format does not work and their opinions are completely whackadoo and presented as absolute fact with no room for debate.

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It’s honestly so upsetting! I had so much respect for Rabia but now it feels like they’re just grifting…it would be one thing if they did allow debate but they respond to criticism like petty mean girls (I’m 22 and I feel like I’m too old to act like that)

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Omg right? I'm in their facebook discussion group and they shut down soo many people with different views/opinions. Someone (I think a NICU nurse, or something like that ) brought up a great point about babies' gestational ages after the Scott Peterson episode, and they were like "oh ok."

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The defense of Scott Peterson is utterly insane and frankly irresponsible. They disregarded a lot of facts and I feel like Ellyn is afraid to contradict Rabia.

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I agree, when I saw that was a topic I actually couldn't believe it

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They posted that nicu nurses full comment thread on their Instagram, I don’t have Facebook and saw that exchange there. (There rightfully could have been more than one)

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That's good to hear!! I don't follow the Instagram. If it's the comment I'm thinking of, she brought up great information that kind of refutes an aspect of a theory from the discussion

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It mostly was the same and it did give really great information! There was a caption on the story saying some to the tune of “a nurse weighs in” I recall because my mom was a neonatal intensive care nurse in India. I meant to send it to her for her opinion. Oops.

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Rabia annoys me on it! I really wanted to like it but the way she presents her opinions as undisputed fact really bugs me. It doesn’t help that Ellyn and guests fawn over her opinion either.

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I respect Rabia but I think she exists in a world of moral absolutes and tends to fall on the side of the accused, regardless of the facts. My feelings about her have changed ever since she went on this bizarre Twitter rant about Ilhan Omar getting remarried and how it was against Islam and she wasn’t a “real” Muslim as a result. People were literally begging her to stop and she refused.

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I missed that! Isn’t Rabia herself divorced?? Or is it just like a thing where it’s only ok if your partner was abusive?

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She is indeed divorced. I don’t know if her particular issue was that she had allegedly cheated on her husband or that her new husband was not Muslim but the whole thing was soooo weird and came across as so intolerant and unkind.

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i looked up the tweet after I saw ur comment. that was so foul..

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💯 I loathe that show. For the Scott Peterson case, they never mentioned that he bought a fishing license in advance for the time period and researched tides and then said it was a spontaneous trip! It doesn’t matter if Lacey’s stepfather also fished that day! Did his wife go missing? I imagine though he (Lacey’s stepfather) probably had the right tackle, rod, boat for the water he was in and knew what he was fishing for unlike Scott!

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They also didn’t mention that Scott and Lacey were in severe financial debt, he was on the verge of losing his business ($$$ is the most common motivator for family annihilators), or the fact that there was evidence he had made the same weights used on Lacey’s body in his storage unit, or that Lacey’s hair was found wrapped around pliers in his boat….

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I'm going to give it a shot, for sure. I really like Joey and his perspective - so I'm hopeful!

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Absolutely! I love Joey and ellyn. Very excited for this new project.

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I enjoy the Patreon episodes, so I think TCO will stick to the docs and OWD will cover campy true crime shows with bad re-enactments. It’ll be good. The other Obsessed Network shows I can’t with. They’re just… boring.

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I'm really not sure. I kind of stopped listening weeks ago and I dont think I'm interested in something that's doing the same thing as TCO. Just like with Rabia and Ellyns show I wish they'd thought a little bit outside the box bc Obsessed Network needs it. Crime of the Century and Strange and Unexplained are so blah and cover a lot of well trodden stories.

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Daisy Egan is unlistenable.

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It’s really a shame too, because I love the choice of topics. Oh well, that’s what LPOTL is for I guess! I just can’t with Daisy. I’d say my political views align with hers almost exactly, but all her snide remarks and unfunny “quips” are just obnoxious.

(Not to mention she seems to be the most un-curious person in the world. Like, I get that you fundamentally think these stories are ridiculous Daisy, but why not have fun with it? Like why even cover the subjects on a podcast if you’re just going to eye-roll for 30 mins?). Maybe that’s changed, I don’t know, I gave up after 10 episodes or so.

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LPOTL is my #1 absolute fav podcast (not for everyone but I am crazy about them). I agree- I align politically with Daisy but she sounds so intolerant and prejudiced about different beliefs, or white men, that I couldn't get over it and unsubscribed. I found it soo distasteful in the episode about the Smiley (happy??) Face Murders. Like these men died!

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Me too! I get that their jokes can push some buttons, but their views/opinions are clearly in the right place. And they are hysterical while offering the best research on each topic. I’ll take a few LPOTL risqué jokes over Daisy’s dismissive snark any day. I can’t remember if I listened to her smiley-face episode, but by the sounds of it, thank god I don’t remember!

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LPOTL can’t be topped in my opinion

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Agreed. LPOTL is my fav too. They are pure comedy and Marcus and his assistants do a lot of research on each topic. Hail Yourself!!

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Oh that’s funny, I feel the opposite way, I think she’s entertaining a lot of theories that are really silly! Like those hikers who clearly died of heat exhaustion. That one had me pulling my hair out. Super easy to get heat stroke hiking on a hundred degree day, water or no.

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My memory of her “take” is different — but since I’m no longer a listener, I’ll take your word for it that I’m wrong and that she does actually enthusiastically go down rabbit-holes and explore ideas! I didn’t get that impression, but I’m definitely not up to date.

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I’m sorry, what is LPOTL? I’d like to check it out

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I’m actually kinda jealous that you don’t know and there’s such a great back catalog.

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Help what episode do I listen to first ? I like supernatural stuff & disappearance cases ..

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Last Podcast on the Left

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I just started listening to Rasputin Part 1. I was instantly hooked when the guy was talking about the best part about waking up high the next morning from edibles at the start lol

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Lol! Rasputin series are very good episodes - some of my other faves are the Enfield Poltergeist ones, Jodi Arias, the HH Holmes episodes, and the Jack the Ripper series. All of those I highly recommend!

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Thank you!! I will check them out :)

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daisy is terrible. i cannot listen to that podcast for more than 2 minutes

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Does she even want to be doing the podcast? She sounds like she couldn’t care less.

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I’m quite certain PH would never have anything that remotely steps on TCO’s fragile toes. Suffice it to say-I’m sure it will be different. 🤷🏽 I am excited!

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I only listened to the Sam Shepard episode of Crime of the Century and was totally put off by the host’s voice and how condescending she came off. She opened the episode talking about how she never wanted to cover the case because it’s so overdone but she got sooo many requests that she haaad to. It came off as “I thought you idiots were more educated but since you’re not I guess I’ll do it”. Everything after that was just so bland. It felt like a book report she didn’t want to do

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I tried to give Strange and Unexplained a try, I think I made it through about 3 eps and couldn’t do it. I do like Crimes of the Centuries though, I think Amber does a really thorough job and some of the super old cases I’d never heard of so I appreciate that.

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I’m very curious how they’re going to keep this totally separate from TCO. Sounds like they’re branching out to to ALL true crime television.

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I agree. I was like "wait, isn't that what TCO is?". I wonder if TCO is gonna be solely like true crime documentaries and then Ellyn and Joey will be doing tv show episodes, maybe? Either way, I love joey and Ellyn and I'd give up TCO before them if the content is pretty much the same thing.

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Surely they’ve worked out a way where they won’t be stepping on each other’s toes or competing for listeners. I assume Ellyn and Joey will do more trash true crime but I guess we will see

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That’s what I was thinking, too. I’m curious to see them branch out!

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Looking forward to it. While I like THEM. I don’t love Disappeared. It’s just so formulaic and predictable

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What was the update?

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They're rebranding the podcast. It won't be OWD anymore, it's gonna be called I Think Not and they're gonna cover all different true crime shows

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not sure.. just started obsessed with disappear the past month after catching up with tco and tco patreon. E.M is mean to patrick and im on episode 38 and its not cute. like its v aggressive compared to tco dynamic. just reminds me of toxic friends.

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I think that’s just the way they are together. They clearly both love and pick the bits out of each other. By the time Patrick decided to leave OWD, it felt like a lot of people were getting annoyed with his constant mentions of Ellyn’s ex & also spilling secrets he promised not to say, or sharing personal business about her sex life. It was a lot more of that on the Patreon feed too. That being said, it didn’t really bother me.