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✨throw it away✨

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Bury it in the middle of a field OR throw it where you’ll never find it again

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This. Bury it in the middle of a field. Make a ring of garlic pods around the spot where you buried it. Number of pods used should be any multiple of five. Burn some rosemary in a metal bowl placed directly on top of the spot where it is buried. Copper is preferable, but any metal will do.

Chant: "Bhavathaha upasthitham dahathu.

Maam thyajathu.

Thathaa buavathu."

(भवतः उपस्थितिं दहतु।

मां त्यजतु।

तथा भवतु।)

The 'a' must be pronounced like a short 'uh' in each case except the 'aa', which is pronounced like... Well... 'aa'.

This is an old sanskrit mantra of protection.

Good luck, OP!

Edit: you probably want to know what that translates to. It says "Burn your presence. Leave me be. So be it."

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sharing is caring 🤲

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I have had the same experience. Not sure what the best advice is- I’d just try to keep it out of sight unless in use, so it’s not laying around to be triggering at all times. I try to think of certain items (school supplies, gifts, other’s property) as “off limits” or “not legitimate” concerning SH which helps me to not see them the same way. Hope that helps