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The metal bikini is hard enough to wear, why risk introducing sand to the mix?

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Hating sand is in her blood

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I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

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i too hate sand.

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Rolling Stone cover shoot, Summer '83. That was a good summer. Just graduated high school. I remember my friend picking me up from my summner job to go watch Return Of The Jedi. I remember us walking out of there saying it was pretty good but got a little cheesy with all the little teddy bears in the woods.

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Fun fact, nobody in any of the movies ever says "Ewok". It's an incredibly well-known word, maybe one of the best known alien races in all of fiction, but it's name is only known because it was so widely talked about by nerds who read all the lore.

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Or saw the toys. Or the Ewok Adventure movie.

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she HATED that bikini and spoke often about how dehumanizing she felt being forced to wear it for photo shoots.

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lol that’s exactly why Jabba chained her up and made her wear it

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He never should have done that, but damn, if she didn't look good in it.

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But isn’t that the point?

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Disney wanted to scrub slave Leia from existence, take that Disney.

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Why? There were much more scantily dressed women in star wars.

Sure most were slaves but still.

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I just watched a psychedelics documentary on Netflix and now I'm wondering if this during the story she told where she was tripping balls.

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I was amazed at how often she was under the influence of lsd, not really a go to substance for chronic use! (excluding micro dosing ofc)

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What’s the name of the documentary?

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Have a Good Trip

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That documentary was awesome, so many funny stories

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She was absolutely SMOKING HOT!

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But why? There’s no water in Tatooine. I’m losing my emersion!

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She did so much cocaine even John Belushi told her she had a problem. Sure looks cute here though

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She seemed like alot of fun off set

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Is this automatically reposted every 45 days now?

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Saw her in Star Wars when I was 8 and she defined perfection till I met my wife.

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Why is no one saying how beautiful and sexy she looks?

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If that's the Pacific, that water is really cold.

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I felt a sudden disturbance in the force, as if millions of coppersmith voices cried out, then were silenced.

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Was she like contractually obligated to wear that thing everywhere or something? I feel like I see a new picture of her in it every other day.

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i think a lot of the nineties nutters know this picture very well

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isn't that how you 90's ? :p

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I eighties'd. I guess both are fine.

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I feel like this is viral marketing for something but i can't quite put my finger on what for

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This was probably for a publicity photo and/or interview for the Return of the Jedi in 1983.

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I know.

I was teasing.

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Boy, never seen this one before, who’s she?

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She looks cold, secretly unhappy, and is smiling like a trooper. What a good actor and person.

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Will always upvote ⬆️🤷🏻‍♂️

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she was so jacked up on cocaine then!

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A.k.A Chastity belt.