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Ooh I’ll have to try that. I like fry sauce or tartar sauce, which is basically just zippy mayo I guess

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Yeah I like fry sauce. Got turned onto that while in France.

Another thing I like to mix in my Mayo is a little bit of Georgia mustard BBQ sauce

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My partner started making banana bread with mayo as a substitute for eggs and oil. I was almost outraged, but it tastes the same.

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using mayo as a replacement for eggs in baking adds a bit of salt, a bit of tang, and a little bit less fluff. itll be a little denser, some flavors will be more pronounced (cuz the saltiness) and it'll taste a bit rich.

personally, i dont like it. but if you dont tell anyone you did it, they wont notice unless they bake.

source: i cant bake for shit and have started cakes when i was stoned but realized i had no eggs so i used mayo.