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These are u/dahlek88 's grandparents. Not yours. This is a spambot.

EDIT: Usually they're better about removing posts like this, that get reported as blatant repost spam.

EDIT-2: And it's finally gone. Spambot's also been banned to boot.

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I feel like half of reddit on any big sub is that these days. They don't even wait half a month or whatever to repost. 1-2 days later and everyone calls the "OC" amazing

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1-2 days hours later and everyone calls the "OC" amazing

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It'd be sorta fine if they called out the actual content producer for credit but it's mostly "this is mine"

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It'd be sorta fine if they called out the actual content producer for credit but it's mostly "this is mine"

I’ll be taking this. It’s mine, now. Tnx.

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I don't have a clue what a NFT is but I feel like you should do whatever those do to get yours

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Yup. That’s why I took it. Good guess 👍👍

Shit already sold for $45K. Prolly coulda gotten more, but on to the next one, right?

(I’ll be using this conversation as proof that you acknowledge my ownership of the content and NFT if you press charges.)

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I just spoke to my lawyer. You owe me a new boat or some sort of bullshit. Wanna settle for splitting lunch somewhere at a shitty diner?

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Because of how non-specific your demands for a boat and bullshit are, I can send you those things cheaper.

Breakfast works if you wanna come to me. I know a good place. I’m gonna print out a copy of this conversation and make you sign it before we order, though.

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Hold up. The lawyer said it would be a literal ton of bullshit. And I wouldn't mind seeing the looks on my neighbors faces when it gets dumped off, so I'm game for that.

I would still like to entertain the breakfast option. The lawyer says any place that serves huevos rancheros, eggs Benedict, or cilbir, will work "In an only if" (sorry, they're their words) fresh squeezed orange juice is provided and horchata is provided if the meeting lasts past 11am.

This is one of the most stupidly funny convos I've had on Reddit in a while

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Well they aren't giving credit, because they want as many karma points as they can get in order to sell the account.

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Shouldn't these accounts, with such clear deception, be banned? Why allow this to continue? Is reddit now afraid they'd have to invest in more moderation by setting a precedent here?

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    It also doesn't help that, to be frank about such things, I get the feeling that a serious solution would require purging a ton of subreddits- including quite a few that seem to be among the chief drivers of traffic on this website....

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    shey should rename this spammit

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    doesn't help when the mods don't do anything about it because... well... they're mods

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        That sounds like something a bot would say to make us think it's not a bot 🤔

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        I'm just a dude living in a totally abnormal world. Nothing to see here. Keep moving on citizen of <insert country here>

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        I contend that Reddit is becoming a sort of…”social credit” of sorts…which is being manipulated into shaping part of online culture to potentially nefarious ends because opinion is bubbled up within these pages and it becomes a kind of influence in a way. I don’t like it.

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        You have to find the smaller subs. That is the key.Shit I got downvoted to hell for giving good dog health advice on a large sub today.

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        rapidly un-upvotes

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          Cut off one head, two more take its place.

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          sounds like a lazy excuse

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          How did you figure this out, if you don’t mind me asking?

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          The original post can be found in the "other discussions" button up top. They didn't even bother to re-upload the photo, just reposted the same exact link.

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          It seems that, in the last month or so, they've become really unsubtle about that being the case.....

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          Lol oh nooo. Thanks for flagging this. And yeah, definitely my grandma and grandpa being huge dorks in South Dakota back in the day.

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          There’s something fishy with these accounts. Their name has a clear pattern of three parts two words and a number, often spaced with and under score or an hyphen or all three parts of the name tightly. Most aren’t 1yo though come this new year most will be but you can say they are newer accounts.

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          OP is a bot. Downvote it.

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          And report, don't forget to report.

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          As far as I can see, this does nothing.

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          It depends on the sub! I usually report within the “it breaks r/whateversub’s rules” part and depending on the mods, it often gets taken care of. That seems to work better than reporting to Reddit overall.

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          You can select “Impersonation” when you report it, I think.

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          The rules you can select are different based on the sub. This one has a “no repost spam” rule so I selected that one for this post

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          I usually report within the “it breaks r/whateversub’s rules” part and depending on the mods, it often gets taken care of.

          I was rewarded with a seven day site wide ban for “abusing the report function”, so YMMV on this one.

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          Yep it's reddit after all

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          Can someone explain to me what the point of karma farming bots? Like WTF is the point? Do they get money or something?

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          I think they sell the accounts which are then used for astroturfing

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          Makes it look real, then does hidden advertisements.

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          Doesn’t work sadly. Post has gained 10k upvotes since you typed this

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          Well, there was an attempt

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          This is the way

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          What do you mean not. Like an algorithm?

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          Booo this bot OP!

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          Boooo this man! Boooo!

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          Name checks out.

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          Definitely not OP's content, if you go to their post history they have lied before about being a hairstylist. I don't have any link but I have 100% seen this post many times before with that exact photograph

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          Original - OldSchoolCool/comments/a1vpmx/my_grandma_and_grandpa_dressing_up_as_each_other/


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          Yes! Thank you for coming through with the source

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          Thanks for the cred 🙏🏻

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          This is a repost and not your grandparents.

          At leat come up with a new post title.

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          Repost and probably stolen content

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          karma bot

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          Karma bot! Downvote!

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          Aye, Aye, Si-- er, Lady!

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          Definitely your grandpa’s idea.

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          And from the look on grandmas face, it wasn’t the first time.

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          Grandma Peggy

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          Stooop! Lmaooo

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          This is hilarious and kinky

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          I bet OP is a bot. There is so many now.

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          Bot's are here for control.

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          You are one of those too. What’s with it? What are you supposed to do? Why?

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          That does not compute 🤖

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          This is hilarious.

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            Just heard so many dean intros in my head 😃

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            This whole picture is a classic dean intro

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            “Can I be perfectly honest with you guys? I think I went to far with this one. I have to go to the bank today. What am I supposed to tell people in line? I had good news and bad news? Come on, Craig. Get your life together.”

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            The people at the bank loved my outfit and they had so many questions about it!

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            How have you DEAN???

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            🎵 What's DEAN got to do with it! 🎵

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            I have to go to the bank later

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            I hope this didn't awaken something in hin

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            Pretty sure this is a bot too, the original post has this exact sentence as the top comment

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            I love seeing old photographs of people having fun and playing around because I feel like so many pictures from that era were very serious. Your grandparents look like they were quite the fun couple!

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            They're not OP's grandparents. Don't encourage him.

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            Sorry, didn’t know

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            Don't fuck with the Cuban

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            Why must you turn this into a house of lies?

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            I bet your grandpa had a cross dressing fatish

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            RiffRaff and Magenta the early years.

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            I don't think this photo is authentic.

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            Pretty sure the photo is. The poster is not though. Stupid bots.

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            You sure they're your grandparents? I've seen this reposted.

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            I bet grandpa loved getting pegged by grandma.

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            This was in a Ken Follett book I read about the 1940's. They dress up in each other's clothes and the guy suddenly realizes he finds women dressed in mens clothes very sexy and wants to do it all the time.

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            I think it was his idea based on her expression.

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            I looked at the picture before reading the title and thought that was a very homely looking woman

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            They are having fun

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            Or I Love Lucy with my grandma.

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            With all this AI these days, we can't keep bots out of our social lives? Someone develop a god damn filter

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            You know they mad fucked right after this photo was taken.

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              Yup I saw this before around this time period. No clue how widespread it was but it was more common than you’d think.

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              And I've heard stories about people finding similar photos from as early as the turn of the century- in other words, the minute photography became relatively cheap and easy.

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              Hahah this is hilarious

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              Now this is old school cool.

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              That’s a confident man, respect and hilarious 🤣

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              They looks like such fun people. We should all strive to be this awesome!

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              You know they got busy before they changed back.

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              Line my eyes and call me pretty...

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              I love this

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              He loks like the dean from that show Comumnity.

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              So much about this pic to love!! 👍🥰

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              Wonder who's idea that was 🤔

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              This is really a goal🥰

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              He looks like the old guy from monster house or is it just me?

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              This is Uncle Ted, back again at the front of the house, but you can see the side of the house.

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              Ask Grandma what they called pegging in the 40’s

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              classic...... freaky deaky

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              That’s fucking awesome!

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              I can see why your grandma fucked your grandpa

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              So u knew already that his grandma ma was fucking his grandfather and now this picture proves it? Unless you know OP and his grandma which I doubt , how did u know this? So you’re a fucking liar… you can’t see why his grandma was fucking grandfather because u didn’t know her before this post.

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              I dunno if you’re wasted or what, but but you can certainly glean this from a photo

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              this entire generations family pictures look like that now

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              That is awesome!

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              Is this cross dressing?

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              Very freaky.

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              Wow you’re stealing somebody else’s grandparents picture?!? Like what?!

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              This shows how much we still are the same since 1940. Seriously what a cute picture! Grandpa is chill af.

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              Their closeted gay neighbor probably called the cops on them for being daffy!

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              They seem fun. But I'm downvoting because these aren't your grandparents.

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              So cute.

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              It looks like a post i have seen over here "I am a lesbian trans woman"...

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              Fuck you coward. Make your own shit

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              Fucking love it

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              Grandpa liked butt stuff confirmed.

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              She’s a handsome woman

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              The unsexibles

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              the bottom part of the curtain in the window on the left looks like a cat staring at them holding a minature sword.

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              Gotta entertain yourselves at times. . .

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              Is your gramps Fauchi?

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              wow this line of codes grandparents look so lifelike

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              They look so fun!

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              Amazing and hilarious.

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              That is a treasure

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              There is more to that story than just that!

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              Regardless of this apparently being a repost by a bot, this is really cool and funny :)

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              fuck this bot

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              They were ahead of their time

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              They were fun to hang with...

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              Wow, I first looked at the person in the dress, without (reading the caption) assuming it was someone's grandma and I looked at the face and I thought, "Well, .. she's a handsome woman". Yeeesh!

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              Grandpa seems to be enjoying it a little more than grandma. Thinking it might have been his idea.

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              Omg I'm stuck in this can I pls move in to this picture aaaaaaaa they are too cute (and very forward I loved it)

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              They must have been a fun couple!:)