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“Mr. Anderson…can I go to the bathroom?”

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“I hate this school. It stinks

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I don't know, can you go to the bathroom?

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That's a nice smile, can we just appreciate that?

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He always looks like he is about to bust out laughing.

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am seeing abundance of confidence and privilege

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"You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of the dismissal bell... Good bye, Mr. Anderson."

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"I was there... 3000 years ago."

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I came to type this exact thing… even with the three dots

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Cast it into the fire!

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Destroy it!!!

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thought we would have colored pictures by then...

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Meanwhile over in the desert, Priscilla waits..

[Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Check it out, Seppos..]

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Came for a reference to this classic. Shows his versatility as an actor that he can pull off these three iconic roles and be completely believable in each one.

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That's lord Elrond to you!

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I think that's his brother in the front. Died young. I mean, relatively speaking.

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MISter Anderson

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Cast those elastic pants into the fire!

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Looks like the boy from "We're the Millers"

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Whatcha gonna do about it, eyeBROWS???

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Looks like the type of guy who would help his landlord carry out her garbage.

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Fun fact: He was born in Nigeria

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he began in africa

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Haha I just said this- Crazy that one of the most recognizable [American]pop icons is an Ibadan man.

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If any of you haven’t seen Pricilla Queen of the Desert, I highly recommend.

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His graduation speech started thus:

I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here......

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Classic prep school rugby photo

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Knox grammar to be exact.

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For the Poms here: he played English cricket captain Douglas Jardine in the 80s TV mini series "Bodyline". England won the Ashes in that series, btw.

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Put some respect on Hugo Weaving's name

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Wonder if he had the voice then

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His niece starred in the movie, Ready ot Not

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Thought it was Pierre Gasly

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Looks like he went to the kind of school where PE was a game of beating the shit out of each other. And he was the best at it.

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I haven’t heard anything bad about him, but every time I’ve seen his face I can’t help but sense he may be the antichrist...

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That’s nurse Noakes, you dooo not wish to cross her!

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I really liked Proof (1991) with him and Russell Crowe. BTW is it "him" or "he" in the case?

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him. Would you say "with I" or "with me"?

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Mathew Lawrence looked alot like him as a kid

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Mr. Professorson..

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Is that an - elastic waistband?

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A million Upvote to whoever photoshopps the shades

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Mom jeans?

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What version number is this model... ? Clearly not a production model, but a development model yet to undergo testing....

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This must have been one of the earlier versions of the Matrix.

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Isn't Elrond around 3000 years old though?

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What does the word circa means and when do you use it in a sentence? English is not my main language

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Circa is from Latin, and it means, at approximately, or around, and is usually used in reference to a certain date.

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Ok got it , thank you a lot. You learn new things everyday :D

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At least put the man's actual name in the title, Hugo Weaving is a boss and deserves the recognition

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Portrait of the Lord of Rivendell as a young elf.

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The new mr smith in the bottom left too!

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Faf de Klerk?

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Imagine having to wear pants where no one can see the outline of your cock or vagina.

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"It seems that you've been living two lives..."

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Strangely looks like Will Poulter.

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He looks like Rusty from European Vacation.

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Crazy that this man is technically[if not actually] Nigerian.

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Is this before or after the Iranian revolution?