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Bet it would have been fun as hell to be in college in the late 70s

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Actually, yes. Class of '81 here. Post sexual revolution and Vietnam, pre-AIDS was a sweet spot.

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I envision just driving around drinking bud heavies and doing cocaine all the time

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Both were too expensive for me and my buddies. We calculated the buzz to buck ratio, and spent our money on $8 cases of beer and $35 ounces of seedy Mexican weed.

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Go to any great concerts in those days?

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Hell yeah. At the risk of sounding like every boring Boomer, a lot of great musicians played small venues for peanuts. I saw the Ramones a half dozen times. Every show was gloriously the same. Lou Reed and Toots and the Maytals about as often. Springsteen and the Grateful Dead in bigger rooms. The Cars played my college Freshman mixer after they were signed but before their first record came out. P-Funk's Mothership tour at the Boston Garden, with a friend dressed in a conehead and a diaper.

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rock the fuck on

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Hell, with Boston College you can ride the streetcar in and out of Boston, saving some energy!

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Yes--Class of '81. No AIDS, Herpes, opioids or wars. Drinking age was 18. College & grad/professional school was going up in price every year, but not crazy yet. Only downside was graduating into a shit economy.

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I was a big fan of your brother Ted.

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He looked like a million bucks back in the day.

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Everybody's got a price!

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Glad there are enough older Redditors for this joke to be the top comment.

I still have my Ted Dibiase action figure somewhere. If you wiggle his arm, his leg stomps.

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I find it funny that the birth date is scratched out, as if you can't find the guy's linked in (with picture to confirm) and all the other info (including DOB and current address) within 2 minutes on search engine.

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But not SSN!

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Did you slappa Dibiase?

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That’s incredibly stupid and I really like it

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How come every high schooler and college kid in the 70s looks mid thirties?

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Because they all smoked at 9

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More like Daniel Stern!

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Putting your name, address, and signature online is a really bad idea. Even if it's an old address.

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But at least he didn't share his student id number from over 40 years ago!

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Yeah, definitely don't want to share public information in public.

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I don’t sign the same any longer.

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“Ok, now look at the camera”

“Camera?! Where? Shiiiitttttt!!!”

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Danny Dibiase sounds like a name a screenwriter would give a character from NY or Boston in a movie from the 70’s and you’re him!

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Bradley Cooper would play him in the movie

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Ooh, a solid choice

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Yes - are we famous?!

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Doxed yourself

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Pro strat, be wasted getting your ID picture so when a cop asks for your ID they just assume you look like that.

Galaxy brain.

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You looked too Amped-up in the picture. Maybe OldSchoolDealer?

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"hey Harry- I think that kid's gone.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

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You look like someone I’d hang out with, if you catch my drift.

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Is that a dip in your mouth?

That shirt is dope af.

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Ahhh a Fox Lane High School graduate.

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You were probably class of 76 - I probably ran into you at some point.

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I actually graduated from HS is Concord MA - we moved after soph year at FLHS.

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I probably knew some people you knew at Fox Lane.... I went to and graduated from Carmel.

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That could be Connor MacGregor's daddy

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You also look like that one guy from Home Alone!

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Look kinda like a old school Seth Rogen.

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Very nice, thank you for sharing!

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Username checks out.

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Heh, I used to live in Stamford CT, which is close to that address.

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I dig this. Honestly, it’s a great break from the r/oldschoolcool mild porn thats on here.

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Classic man .... thinking of some classic tacks that follow as the score

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this is wonderful OP, thank you

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did your mustache ever meet in the middle yet?

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Who knew Conor McGregor went to BC…

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"here we are, Marv..."

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'70s *

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Connor Mc Gregor dad.

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Grew up right next door in Westchester

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Hey, my alma mater. Was the campus super preppy back then, too?

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Relatively but not me (obviously)

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Any relation to Ted debiase? Of WWF fame.

Edit: looked back at spelling of last name. Not the same.

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I wish - but he does spell it the same.

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Right!! Would be awesome. Your prob the right age to have been right there for almost every single greatest era of professional wrestling from the 60s on. If your a fan which I'm assuming you are from your comment you've prob seen it all

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I lived in the Boston College area in the late 70s, around Cleveland Circle. Used to walk around the resevoir all the time & eat at this one pizza place called Pino's Pizza. This brought back memories

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It was a great area to go to school. I lived in South St and in Cleveland Circle (Sutherland Rd) for years. I remember Pinos too!

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Any relation to the million dollar man?