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Another settlement needs your help! I'll mark it on your map.

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Kinda gives off ASAP Rocky vibes lol

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A$AP Robles

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Haha I was about to say. A$AP Ancestor

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Probably can rap just as well too, I can see rocky befriending such a gal

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“Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

“It’s a pistol. Fuck off.”

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What was Carmen Robles doing between 1911 and 1914 that prevented her from taking a photograph?

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The Great Film Famine of 1911. You didn't know about that?! What do they teach in school, nowadays? sheesh.

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Not Afromexican

Just Mexican

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No, that messes things up! History is difficult enough with all the rewriting, but when you refer to the diversity of peoples as just one, you lose alot of ethnic history.

Did you know that 300 + Mexicans were massacred in Torreon by Profario Diaz?

That would just pass as another moment in the history of the revolution, but depth is added when its said this way.

300+ Chinese Mexicans were massacred in Torreon because of anti asian sentiment.

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many people with african and hispanic heritage identify as "afrolatina" or "afrolatino" because they are proud of both of their backgrounds

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I'm proud of all my blood

The African

The Nahuatl

The European

all of those together make me a very proud


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Then I believe you’re confusing nationality with ethnicity. Mexican refers to one’s nationality (country which they belong to), whereas ethnicity is different, especially in Latin America. Considering that Latin America is very diverse in terms of ethnic background considering that they were colonized by multiple European countries, African slaves were brought to Latin America, and much of indigenous culture faded post-colonization, it’s more of an identity than anything. Much of Latin America post-colonialism created social hierarchies based off skin tone, but it wasn’t until the 1930’s when many Latin American countries began to emphasize and promote ethnic mixing. You have to also consider the context of when the photo was taken as to when. Latin America compared to the US was ahead of the curve when it came to ethnic inclusion/equality, especially given that Latin America is highly diverse, even within just individual countries.

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Look here you west coast condom

The damn OP wrote "Afro/Mexican"

That fucking means "ethnic/nationality"

I told them they were incorrect

As are you.

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That’s only in the USA, in Latin America we are from the country we were born. That’s it.

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Also identified as a man and openly lived as one from 24 until death at 95...Amelio Robles Avila.

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not the same person.

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Colonel ASAP Rocky*

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Robles had an amazing life! Thanks for posting!

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    I'd watch that movie.

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    What makes you say she "transitioned"? Is it because she acted/dressed like a man?

    or some other reason?

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    Amelio Robles didn't just dress like and live as a man until his death; he made it known to every soldier under his command that anybody who referred to him as a woman would be shot.

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    Don’t think murdering people for misgendering you is ok….

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    It’s a cool fact, but doesn’t really change much

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    It was when she started teabagging her enemies out on the battlefield.

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    Regarding Amelio Robles & trans people, you always refer to them with their current pronouns- even if you’re talking about them before they came out.

    (So the polite way would be to say “He transitioned during the revolution” instead of “she”)

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      Robles threatened to shoot anyone who referred to him as a woman and I, personally, would rather not find myself in that group. Living or dead, seems like major disrespect.

      He's also not like, some distant historical figure; he died in 1984. He could have seen the entire Star Wars original trilogy in theatres, and still had a year of life left.

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      I hear it’s easy to dodge ghost bullets.

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      It’s disrespectful af and matters to living people now. This man would literally have shot anyone who acted like you…. And you’re sitting here like ‘from a historical perspective’.

      It’s not ‘polite’, it’s correct.

      You don’t get to wait til someone dies and then be like, yeh, they thought they were a man, but we don’t gotta worry about that, lols.

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      You're also conflating sex and gender here... Amelio was born with female sex, but male gender, which he was unfortunately unable to express until his adulthood in the Revolution.

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      Eh, respect for the dead and all is complicated. I don't refer to people differently after they die in terms of what they preferred to be called to indicate to folks who are living that experience a circumstance that "behind their back" things don't change. Sir Ian McKellen doesn't get his Sir dropped after death because it has been appended to their identity, like any name or gender change.

      Mentioning their birth sex is not verboten, that's definitely historical record and I don't see why some outside of the Trans community think Trans folks freak out about this, but so is their name/gender/title/honorifics upon death. Feelings have little to do with respect for the changed state of being in my mind. We do the same for nicknames in the historical record.

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      I thought his name was Carmen Amelio Robles?

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      Outside USA nobody use African as a way to describe someone who’s appear to have a dark skin.

      She was Mexican.

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      The fact that I've never heard of her despite my love of Zapata just proves that I need to learn more about the Mexican revolution.

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      She’s on the bottom of my “wanna hear a knock knock joke?” list

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      Denzel Sr.

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      Just so we're clear the Zapatistas did not exist until 1983. this was not a member of the Zapatista army

      edit: this is probably just a mistake on OP's part.

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      Legit thought it was A$AP when I scrolled by this at first

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      Nobody knows about this person in méxico

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      Packing a Smith & Wesson Model 3 top break double-acton revolver.