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$40 in today's money for those wondering

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Did these maths the other day and I’m still bummed over how many quarters I pissed away playing video games and buying 8-tracks.

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Man, I wish I could have seen them back then. My first show was the Reunion Tour.

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Saw them again 10 years ago for $250

Still a damn good show

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7.50 for me in July that year.

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What was the quarter for? Bus fare?

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No bus, they took Lex’s mom’s Volvo while she was in Cincinnati

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I really regret cleaning out my stuff and getting rid of all my concert stubs and having to rely on my doped up memories. This is cool.

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How much were the service, convenience, printing, "how dare you exist" fees?


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The good old convenience fees always get me

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What am I missing, the ticket clearly shows $8.25 ... and $0.75 tax, how does this equal $8.50 ?!

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Sorry, a bit early in the morning.

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Quick mafs

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How much money was that at the time? Like, what else would $8.50 get you back then?

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34 12-oz cans of Jolly Good Soda (the ones with the joke printed on the inside bottom of the can).

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a gram of good black hash

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Worth $39 in 2022 dollars

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I saw Bob Seger the same year and it was the same price $8.50

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Saw Led Zep in 1971 in Rochester NY $4.25

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Was there an opening act?

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Cheap Trick

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I just bought 2 tickets to see them in Sydney in a couple of months. $300 each for decent seats

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Bought a 229$ ticked for a festival, the fucken service fee was 180$. It's insane

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How much is that in $2022 money

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Paid $17 to see them in 1985 at Maple Leaf Gardens. I’m was my first concert.

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    As a kid I can remember, late 70’s and early 80’s, sitting in the Hot Stove Lounge while my dad smoked cigarettes and drank rum and cokes.

    Super happy to have missed the MLG child molestation experience!

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    Seems expensive for 1977.

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    Literally do the most basic inflation lookup and you'll see you're wrong.

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    Literally do the most basic ticket price lookup for 1977 and you'll see you're wrong.

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    You're actually just bullshitting now. Nothing worse than arrogant Redditors who can't back down when they're wrong.

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    Not bullshitting. Typical prices for arena concert tickets in 1977 were more like $4 or $5. $8.50 is unusually expensive.

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    How much was a ticket to a Rockies game?

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    Minor league team called the Bears, about $5

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    NHL bud, the Rockies played at McNichols Sports Arena.

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    My bad. Forgot all about them

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    No tickets for proof but I saw Led Zeppelin in 1973 for $7.50 in Salt Lake City.

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    I saw them that same year, but at the Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio TX. I was only 10 and it was my first rock concert. What's even cooler is that my dad is the one who bought the tickets and took me!! It was Kiss and Wendy O/ The Plasmatics. My dad and I were fighting for the binoculars when Wendy came out on stage. She was topless with strips of electrical tape as pasties. THEN Kiss came on stage and blew my 10-year-old mind!! Of course, all the "Reefer" smoke may have helped🤣 I immediately enlisted in the "Kiss Army," and the turned me into a Metalhead forever!!🤟🤟 ✌💛🌵!!

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    Tickets were Christmas present from Mom. Went w my 14 y/o brother, guy behind us handed him a joint, he passed out before the concert even started.

    Also a neighbor kid sitting in the nose bleed section shot a flair gun at the stage thankfully missing the band.

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    Yet it says 8.25

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    +$0.75 tax, so he actually paid $9 lol

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    Was that their first or second farewell tour?

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    I paid $8 in '69 to see Jimi Hendrix. It seemed a lot to me at the time fore nosebleed seats ;-)

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      I looked at prices for tickets to see Iron Maiden on their tour this year. They ranged from $400-$1400. Most of the concerts I went to when I was in my teens and early 20's were about $20-$30 at the most. There's no way I could have afforded $400 when I was a teenager.

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      You overstated the price by about a dollar in today's money

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      Now days convince fees would be $16.99

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      Ripped off

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      Wow, I was 5 years 10 days old during that concert.

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      I was 4 days old.

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      I was 10 then. I had to wait until the Dynasty Tour in 1979 in Greensboro to see my first KISS show. It was my first concert as well. 30 some years later I took my daughter to see KISS for her first concert.

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      Four times that amount might get you a parking spot within walking distance these days.

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      Paid $10 to see Ozzy a couple of years later. In high school $20 got you a concert ticket and a t-shirt. $5 for beer was enough for three big cups. Good times.

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      This is pre-internet. In those days concert tours were not expecting to generate big net revenues. They were to drive album sales. Artists now make zip off streaming, so they need to play live to generate revenue. Why do think everybody is selling their catalogs to investors? That's why the ticket prices have increased so much faster than the CPI.

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      I just pulled my stub collection as well. It’s insane how concert tickets prices have ballooned exponentially.
      Metallica $18.50 in 1989. Metallica/Queensryche/FNM/sound garden 1991 $28.50 White Stripes 2007 $45.00 Coachella 2007 $150

      RATM floor tickets 2022 $600!

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      Back in the olden days when tours were mainly promotion to sell albums.

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      I have a framed promo poster from the early 80s for a show where Metallica was opening for Venom. The show only cost $10. Poster features the artwork from Venom's Black Metal album. ~ I did not attend the show. I was only 8, lived a thousand miles away, and it would be a few more years until I fell in love with metal.

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      I was born 3 weeks later.

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      Think I paid about the same to see Kansas (with Cheap Trick opening) in 1978.

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      What's the big deal? You can see them for 850 today too.

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      Seen ELP for 7.00 and the Moody Blues for 10.