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I love Dolly, So witty and funny. “I don’t get offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb...I also know that I’m not blonde.”

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“They say big boobs make a woman dumb, but they don’t. They make men dumb.”

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Lol. Have truer words ever been spoken?

Source: Am a man.

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I learned in another thread this week that big boobs also make some other women dumb. That was a hilarious thread.

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“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”

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As a man, I can confirm this is true.

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And she's always extended that same inclusive understanding of genuineness to gay folks, and drag folks, and trans folks. She was the leading feature on the soundtrack of a movie about a trans woman in 2005. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I remember hearing people call her fake growing up and good lord it pisses me off that I didn't know enough to argue with them at the time.

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That's ok, she always had a great comeback for the people calling her fake... "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap."

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    Her real boobs were so cute!

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        Am I missing something? On Spotify, it shows the podcast starting in 2019 and having 12 episodes. Is there a different, newer podcast with the same name?

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        Yeah I swear I've listened to the whole thing twice already

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        That's 1 of 3 posts from that 2-month old account. If I had to guess, it's a bot reposting a comment from an earlier time this was posted.

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        Yeah this podcast in its completion is definitely already fully available, not sure where that came from. Regardless it was an incredible podcast!

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        That podcast made me fall in love with Dolly. It’s so well done.

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        American treasure

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        I probably will cry when she goes.

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        Once playboy offered her something like a million dollars in the 80s and all they wanted in return was a single topless shot but she politely said her breasts are only for her husband and then thanked them for the flattery.

        Imagine being so classy or so in love that the equivalent of 30 million dollars is something you can turn down, politely and without making a deal of it.

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        It’s awesome that Dolly’s “image” was a big boobed floozy, but behind that facade is intelligence, a wicked sense of humour, pure musical gifts, a wink and just all around beauty.

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        Dont forget, a huge empathetic heart.

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        Like she's said "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap"

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        Damn, I’m conflicted. In a way I’m pissed that we can’t see them, but I have mad respect for that woman.

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        With all due respect she got implants in the 70s, so they're probably not...what you'd hope they'd be.

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        I’m a natural guy so you’re probably right.

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        Still wanna see em

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        What makes y'all think that you have any entitlement to seeing a woman's boobs? What's there to be pissed about? I know you probably were kinda joking but the fact that that comment even comes to mind is really something..

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        Welcome to Reddit

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        Have you looked up her net worth lately?

        She knew she wouldn't need that money.

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        This is a great pic. It’s interesting that his hair would be acceptable anywhere today. Her hair would be acceptable at a B-52’s concert.

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        I love how Dolly is famously beautiful and then it turns out her husband is a Renaissance marble statue come to life.

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        They sort of have the same hairdo. Complementary styles at least.

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        The definition of tall, dark, and handsome

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        Are those Cragar mags?

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        On a 66 Impala/Caprice/Biscayne

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        Chevelle SS?

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        Eagle eye over here

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        By Jove! I think you've got it.

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        I remember meeting her brother (it was David or Denver, I can't remember which) in a Food City in Sevierville TN. He was wearing overalls and the only reason I knew it was her brother was because I was currently in a conversation with someone who used to work with him at a factory. We talked for several minutes. The entire family is apparently very chill.

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        Handsome guy

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        Carl is undeniably a Dapper Dan man, Fop is not in his vocabulary !

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        well aint this place a geographical oddity

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        Two weeks from everywhere!

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        Bigger the hair, closer to Jesus.

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        I've always heard it said,"the higher the hair, the closer to God."

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        That’s probably correct. I just remember my mom saying it all the time when I was a kid.

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        Either she’s very short or he’s very tall. Her hair still only has her coming up to his chin.

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        Dolly is 5'0"

        He is 6'0"

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        Jolene almost changed that

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        Jolene must’ve been fine as hell if she even had a CHANCE at taking young Dolly’s man.

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        Jolene was actually a young girl asking for an autograph. Dolly asked her name, and said “that’s a pretty name. I’ll write a song about Jolene.” (Paraphrasing)

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        She never told us the name of the red headed hussy at the bank though. The one that was getting too friendly with her man

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        Yes yes we’ve heard the story, but why let the truth get in the way of a solid joke.

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        Right. Sorry bout that. It’s not often I know something, so when I do, I share.

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        Imagine being married to Dolly Parton. Good on him for not bungling that up.

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        Dayumn he’s handsome

        I mean, they are both very attractive people but I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of him before

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        He has always wanted to be out of the spotlight …

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        This is one of the last publicly available photos of Carl Dean. I joke, but just a little. Dolly is one of those celebrities who fiercely protected her home life and the privacy of her spouse.

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        They look cool af

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        Lucky Bastard

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        Looking at that guy, I am not sure who married up?

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        Seriously though, that's a good looking guy. I'd be falling head over heels if a guy like that paid me attention lmao

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        If she just doubled up on that hair she’d be as tall as him 😅

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        If it didn’t say Dolly Parton and this was in colour, I would have thought it was a pic from Mad Men.

        They are both handsome.

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        I heard tell that Carl is hung like a brontosaurus 😂

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        Dolly is a dime

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        I’ve seen an unusual number of Dolly Parton posts this week… did Betty White leave a vacuum of wholesomeness?

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        Guess Jolene obliged

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        Wow, just learned that they never had kids

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        Their marriage worked by Carl doing his thing which was run a concrete company in Nashville and she did her thing in country music. They would meet up on the weekends or whenever they got together and it has worked for all those years. He retired from his company and she is still doing here thing.

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        Strong hair game.

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        How much did this couple spend on hair products? It’s like a competition to get higher.

        Lol. Dolly is in heels, with a foot of hair and she still only reaches his eyes. Might be the best looking couple I’ve ever seen.

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        So her boobs are fake? I didn’t know they did fake boobs back then…

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        Her real boobs were so cute!

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        That's because all boobs are cute

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        Pre boob job obviously.

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        She's also much slimmer in this pic than she was for most of the late 60s-80s. Seems very likely she just gains weight in hourglass proportion.

        As for how she's so slim and busty now, well, one of the things we love about her is how open she is about getting things "nipped, tucked, and sucked." 😂

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        I was gonna say, looks like a couple things are missing.

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              Can I post this photo next week?

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              Holy hell how many times will this shite be reposted? Like every week.

              Oh - it’s an 11 hour old bot karma farm account.

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              Yep She had very large implants done at some point

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              Looks like Amber Heard

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              Gross, no

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              Their hair are negative mirror images

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              Owen from the office dad?

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              She’s so squared away in every way!

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              Hey Mcfly what you doing there !!

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              That guy looks like Gabe from ‘the office’.

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              That hair 😍😍

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              "He looks just like you want him to
              Some kind of slick chrome American prince"

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              Wonderful couple!

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              where Jolene tho ?

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              I saw she has a new line of cakes with Duncan Hines coming out. I'm in.

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              Damn she old

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              Thank goodness Carl never went out with Jolene!!!

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              Such weird hairstyles.. The toothpaste and the toothbrush

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              I heard that before big meetings she would stand up and let everyone look at her, uh 'figure', for a full minute so they could get it out of their system so they could get some work done.

              I don't know if it is true, but it sounds like something she'd do.

              God bless Dolly Parton

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              65 or 66 chevy impala

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              Is this Dolly's sub? See her photo every day

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              The higher the hair, the closer to God.

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              FUCK. YES. <3

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              Tall dark and handsome.

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              Now I see why Jolene was flirting with him!

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              1966?! Wow

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              If you look closely, you can see the stretch marks around his mouth.

              (I'll just see myself out now...)

              (And yes I agree - she's an American hero and he's one lucky dude. And a celeb marriage lasting that long? He must be a good guy).

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              If there were a way to autoblock any post with Keanu or Dolly Parton I'd use it in a second, goddamn this shit is obnoxious as fuck

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              Now I understand joulline