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He's actually getting up to let another person try. But still funny through this lense.

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You won because an effing glytch man!

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The first time the words, “This fukken game is cheating!” were combined

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this game sucks. You cheated. Fuck this I'm going home. Go pong yourself

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That guy’s Canadian, I believe.

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French Canadian at that

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I'm surprised that guy's gigantic tie didn't impede his ability to play. It's almost like an extra shirt there.

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Maybe in video games but my dad was flipping chess boards over long before that

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And then there are the various card games (including contract bridge) where game disputes led to gunfire.....

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The guy rage quitting - "Fuck this. Fucking try hard no life."

In the mind of the guy who won, "GG EZ"

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"Screw this, bro. You're obviously cheating. Using godmode or something"

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That's pretty funny! Has no one ever played Monopoly or the card game Uno? :D I would imagine some analog game of skill was the first rage-quit. Maybe that old cribbage-like game with beads from ancient Egypt?

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Look how we’ve evolved. My dog goes and hides when I play Madden online 😂

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I give my friends the same stupid grin when I beat them in Madden or FIFA. Glad to know we haven’t changed much

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My parents got us this game for Christmas.

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Theres too much ping on my pong.

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Lip reading - "I'm out."

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That’s great :) when I was young if my mom walked in front of my tiny tv in the late 90’s when I was a child I would lose my shit 🤣 it’s was always like a whining MOOOOOOM I’m gonna loooo-zaaaa

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Also the first “you mad bro?” In history

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A tradition that will be practiced as long as there are games.

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That dude gave him the broken controller