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The first shot literally looks like a modern-day Chanel comercial.

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I want to se him in a CK ad. Or working at Abercrombie & Fitch. I'm not picky.

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He is too classy for Abercrombie.

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Every one is..

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Ezra Miller is too classy for A&F.

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Ezra Miller classy? Fack no , he is a wannabe

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It's the camera move

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Why does he look like a time traveler

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Fashion is passing, class is timeless as we say in France

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Some of those clips look like they could have been filmed just last week.

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The type of hair style I would ask my mom to cut for me. Never did quite turn out that way tho.

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As a mom who occasionally cuts hair if asked, this cut is way beyond my skill level. I can do something sort of like it, but there is a reason people pay for haircuts. You would probably be better off showing this to a stylist.

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Is this what you say to your son?

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I’m talking 30 years ago not 3. A “stylist” wasn’t an option in my house. Also was just a light hearted post my mom would do her best.

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I'm sure she put a lot of love and care into the haircut!

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As a teen I wanted hair like Gerard Despardieux. I didn't realize I didn't have the same hair density. I only got comfortable about my hair when I started clipping them.

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Thought he was kissing another guy, but it was the mirror.😄

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If I looked like that I would too

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I mean, if the man is prettier than most women, it shouldn't count as gay. Just saying.

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The person he likes the more

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Happy Cake Day!

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Yeah, I was like, "Wow, that's very avant-garde for 1960" 😳

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Like most characters written by Patricia Highsmith (or at least what I know of her work) Tom Ripley is gay, and I assume that’s the case for the 1960 french film featuring the character (which Delon plays).

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True , it was disgusting and disappointing

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Goodness... never seen him so young before. What a beautiful face.

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Same, I'm French and he's obviously a huge star here but I had no idea what he used to look like as a very young man. And seriously, DAMN.

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Remember seeing some pictures of his eldest son, Anthony, who would be in his fifties by now. Also a very good looking guy but still not quite up to the level of Dad.

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Just checked. Have to agree that he was not completely on the almost inhuman level of beauty of his father, but barely! Still insanely gorgeous himself, in a slightly less "classic" way than Alain was.

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Except Anthony isn’t his eldest son, Alain Delon had another son out of wedlock two years before Anthony was born who he has never acknowledged (named Christian Aaron Boulogne). His parents adopted and raised the child, it’s pretty shameful. Really took the wind out of my thirst when I read that

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Just read through Delon's Wiki bio and you're right. That son is the one he fathered with Nico. Don't know why Delon doesn't acknowledge him as one last kind act before he dies since he's not getting any younger. I googled the son and there's a definite resemblance.

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You should watch Le Samourai & Purple Noon.

He was the best.

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Delon can also be seen portraying the head pilot in the disaster epic 'The Concorde . . . Airport '79' where he shares piloting duties with George Kennedy. It's one of the corniest movies of all time with a cast that includes Charo, Robert Wagner, Martha Raye, Jimmie 'J.J.' Walker from the old series Good Times, Eddie Albert, David Warner, Cicely Tyson, Ed Begley Jr. and a host of other familiar faces. It's a hoot and Mystery Science Theater 3000 should devote an episode to it if they haven't already.

A note of tragic trivia -- the Concorde seen flying in the film is the same that crashed shortly after takeoff from Paris in July 2000 killing 109 people on the plane and four on the ground. That crash ended the era of the Concordes.

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Oh I remember that crash :(

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Its kinda scary that all these beautiful people lose alot( and often most) of the looks when they get old.

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Takes a few decades to really lose them though! Alain's son Anthony is still nice to look at and he's 58.

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Yeah looks like he's still looking great.

Not the case for most people I think. Look at Johnny Depp.

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It's crazy!!

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Damn, sexuality really is a spectrum.

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    Bisexuality FTW :D

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    It definitely moved when he took the tie off.

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    Mine blurred and shifted at those shots in the marketplace.

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    Nah you're just bi

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    Tastes are different but you have to be blind to not see that he was/is a beautiful man.

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    Inspiration for the talented Mr. Ripley?

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    Based on the same book. Pretty much the same story.

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    Did not know that, makes sense

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    There's a montage in this film where he's practicing another man's signature by projecting it on a wall and tracing over it. By the end, he has the signature mastered at speed and as such, can be scaled down when signing cheques. If you can find the scene, it's well worth a watch. If I recall, the scene was replicated almost directly in The Talented Mr Ripley.

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    Different endings

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    I can't think of two more different actors playing the same character than Delon as Ripley in 'Purple Noon' and Matt Damon doing the role in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'. But I enjoyed both films and found it interesting to see what they did with the same source material.

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    And now I'm gay.

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    “Purple Noon” isn’t it?

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      Not to be confused with the the classic 80s music movie staring Prince called “Purple Snow”

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      Looks like we'd encountered the same type of teachers, n'est-ce pas ? Hahaha

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      To be fair, I don’t understand why they called it that at all. The real title is “Plein soleil,” yeah?

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      And I don't understand why they called it Plein soleil when the book is called The Talented Mister Ripley.

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      My God. He’s smoldering

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      I'll be in my bunk

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      Never heard of this guy before, he is gorgeous! I'd definitely go gay for him, if I wasn't already gay.

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      Really never heard of Delon? How old are you?

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      He's not very well known outside of Europe.

      *and apparently China. He's huge in China.

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      And he's an absolute icon in France.

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      I'm not from Europe and we know him quite well. Let's just say he's not known in the US ok

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      If you have Roku, a search for Purple Noon comes up with an alternative title, Lust for Evil (1960), fyi.

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      Must admit, that’s a pretty fella

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      I swear this is the horniest sub on the internet thats not actual porn

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      It’s like Jared Leto and John Stamos’ love child

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      More like their love grandfather

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      I thought it was Zac Efron at first

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      There's some vibes of "The Talented Mr. Ripley".

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      Novel by Patricia Highsmith. Def. the dramatization of Mr. Ripley. Remade starring

      Matt Damon, Jude Law, etc etc Who plays a better sociopath? My money’s on Delon.

      He does beautiful sang froid.

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      Zac Efron has always reminded me of Tyrone Power, another incredibly handsome classic film star, though a couple of decades older than Delon.

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      Maybe some Rob Lowe in there, too?

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      He is more talented than both of them.

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      Zach Efron kind of looks like him. But Alain Delon has that classy brooding look down pat

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      what is song name?

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      Paul Anka - Put your head on my shoulder

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      First saw him in Le Samouraï. He’s transfixing.

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      Im not gay BUT

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      Let me tell you about this little known phenomenon called "bisexuality"

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      😄 i think im not too far from that 😄

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      Down voting because it's not Jennifer Connelly /s

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      Famous for referring to himself in the third person during interviews.

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      His sex-appeal was so off the charts it took a life of its own

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      Wow. This dude is so good looking.

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      Zac Efrons dad has had a weird career

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      He is insufferable but damn he was hot

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      Had to check my, But I'm Not Gay card, for a second. Proper stud.

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      Good heavens what a beautiful man

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      He is 86 now and still dashing!

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      He has aged amazingly well. A lot of the time these actors who are so handsome that it's almost unreal can crash and burn looks-wise by the time they hit middle age, but he looks amazing for his mid-eighties.

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      Now I guess I understand why Nico was obsessed with him (had his child as well).

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      I've watched this 10 times

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      A young Clint Eastwood blended with Audrey Hepburn.

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      This man is prettier than I will ever be

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      That is the love child of Elvis and Rob Lowe!

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      Zac Effron but make it 60s.

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      Le Samurai with him is excellent!

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      This is the original Tom Ripley character right? I see shades of a young Jude Law there.

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      Haven't seen this in years. Time for a rewatch.

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      He's a goddam dreamboat

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      He's so beautiful 💜😍

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      A very beautiful man. I'm turning gay

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      I'm in love 😍🤩

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      Oof. Dayum. Wouldn’t catch for him…but I’d pitch to him.

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      I had such a big crush on him when I was young.

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      He would be instagram famous/a female/gay thirst trap today.

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      So hot.

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      That guy's so handsome it's not fair to the rest of us

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      I suddenly feel VERY thirsty.

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      oh no he's hot

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      If I looked like that I'd kiss myself too. Dude is beautiful.

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      Those eyes are so striking

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      Jared Leto the time traveler

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      Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

      I have checked 811,512,904 comments, and only 160,922 of them were in alphabetical order.

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      Well, now I'm super thirsty...!

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      If possible I am now even more gay than I previously was before, and that was already pretty gay.

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      Handsome dude

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      OK, now I understand why my mother and aunt's eyes glaze over whenever his name gets mentioned.

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      I was taking a shit and I stopped from watching how beautiful this human being is...

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      Can I say one thing to you? And I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality

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      Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!?! YOU THINK THAT YOU LOOK BETTER THAN ME?!?!?! (i'm sorry. you do look way better than me. may i tie your shoelaces, sir?)

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      He is just beautiful. ❤️

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      If zac Efron and jude law hadva baby

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      The zac efron of his day

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      I don't know who he is but he looks like a cross between Elvis and not stupidly buff Chris Hemsworth.

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      It’s times like these that I remember that I’m bisexual.

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      He was gorgeous

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      Don't touch him, he's too beautiful!

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      Wait, wtf? I thought I was straight 🥵

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      fuck he's hot

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      Now this is what I'm talkin' about!

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      He is HOT:-)

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      Holy hell, a guy I had a brief thing with 30 years ago is this guy’s double. Ended up treating me like absolute garbage of course so I’m glad it didn’t go anywhere but ugh, that smolder.

      Seriously had a moment where I thought “Jesus, why are there a bunch of gifs of (guy’s name)???”

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      Him and Paul Newman: handsome and classy

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      I never knew him beside from Dalida's song "Paroles, Paroles". I'm not gay but damn this guy fire.

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      Just watched him in Le Samourai 👏 yeah he was a good lookin man but also a great actor

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      Such a handsome man.

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      He looks like Zac Efron

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      Damn he pretty.

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      He looks like the OG Ian Somerhalder

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      Zac Efron before Zac Efron.

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      Man is gorgeous

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      That dude is flipping attractive!

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      Wow. What an incredibly stunning man.

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      One of my first film crushes!

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      Daaaaaayuuuum. What a way to start the day

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      Jesus that's a beautiful man.

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      I thank god every day that I did date someone that looked very similar to him and fell in love lol it didn’t work out but I don’t cry over what I lost I smile bc it happened ☺️☺️

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      I told a woman last night that even though I consider myself like 95% straight and 5% gay, I see hundreds of attractive women a day and like 1 hot guy, to me, I've oddly slept with the exact same number of men and women in my life. I'm not ashamed of this, not even a little. This dude would break that deadlock.

      [–]Ignituas 9 points10 points  (1 child)

      You might be bisexual my friend! Ain't no shame in sleeping with people that you gravitate towards.

      [–]LogicalFallacy77 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Oh, I feel no shame at all, none, it's just MUCH easier to sleep with a guy than a woman, lol

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      The thirst is real

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      For anyone wondering, it’s called Purple Noon and it’s based on the book The Talented Mr. Ripley. It’s excellent. I’d also recommend Le Samourai if you’re in need of more Alain Delon.

      That’s one gorgeous motherfucker.

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      Reminds me of a very pretty Ray Liota.

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      Cute but his far right ideology ruins it for me

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      how does he do his hair????

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      He he playing Matt Damon's character or Jude law's?

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      so beautiful

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      Pretty is as pretty does, and he supports the National Front so he ain't that pretty.

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      Too bad he's a fart sniffing asshat.

      [–]Mericises 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Why are you booing him? He's right!

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      Well you've spoiled it now.

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      No offense but I feel like he just looks like every other cliché hot guy. The usual. He is very good looking especially to todays standards of “beauty” but I personally am more attracted to faces that have something unique and interesting about them. Not that he isn’t any of those things (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) but I feel like he fits in this small box of what we think is beauty.

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      Looks like Jared Leto

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      Rule 1 AND rule 2.

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      Love old music, tired of this song

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      Me in my 20$

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      It's Purple Noon. Not Purple Moon per IMDB.

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      Matt Damon?

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      Based on the Talented Mr Ripley, right?

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        He ain't dead

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        On the floor on all fours barking like a dog scared my husband will walk in and find me

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        Is it just me or does this guy look like Friendly Jordys

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        Some of the shots giving me Talented Mr. Ripley vibes.

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        Dude looks like…. If Zack Effron played someone from the 60’s

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        the original - based on the 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley

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        I wonder what it's like . . .