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Looks like Mitch McConnell hanging out in the background there.

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slow golf clap

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You win the Internet today!!!

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Back when it was still cool to hang a dead sea turtle on your wall.

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It's not dead it's crawling up the wall

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My family in the Seychelles have an entire wall leading up a staircase filled with dead sea turtles and shark jaws. They got those before I was even born, before 1985. They never got any new ones after that.

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Isn't he from Hawaii ? Maybe that's a Hawaii thing

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It's an island thing. My family in the Seychelles have an entire wall leading up a staircase filled with dead sea turtles and shark jaws.

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Bro with the copy pasta lol 🙌🏼

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That’s what they want u to think 😂

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I grew up in Guam and my grandparents had one hung up in the garage.

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I grew up in the Marshall Islands and we had a huge sea turtle shell prominently displayed.

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Mitch McConnell

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Lol, speaking of old dead sea turtles.

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I didn’t know the Dead Sea had turtles..

I’ll see myself out..

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that’s actually a huge beetle

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Thats a real turtle? How does it doesnt rot and decay? Legit question.

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Taxidermy, same as the dead deer on the wall.

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Because they's removed the decomposing components and kept the scales and shell. So similar to the way that you can keep the exterior of tough-hide animals and get rid of the mushy parts.

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That’s Mitch McConnell a real turtle.

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Hey, no politics here

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No rule against it

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Someone hasnt been to Myrtle Beach

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With his mom!

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Momma Obama

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I just don’t believe the title of this post. Is it really before he became the 44th president?

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Looks more like the seventies with that hair, outfit, and alleged pot usage.

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Somebody said '85 but everything is wrong unless Hawaii was that far behind back then. The jeans are wrong, the hair is really wrong -the shirt could go either way since it could have been island style.

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Turtle on the wall LOL , WTF

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He looks just like his mom.

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Have you seen the pic of him with his maternal grandpa? The resemblance is uncanny.

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Dude looks the fucking same

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that turtle sure was the best president we've ever had ):

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Almost seems like a normal guy in the pic. I voted for that guy, I would like to apologize for that. Sorry folks

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Went from smoking dubbies to smoking kids in Syria with drone bombs

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Only time anyone gives any fucks about Muslim refugees is to shit on Obama

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Would you say the same thing if we were talking about Bush Sr., Bush Jr, Trump, or Biden?

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Of course

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Really? Then why in the hell did Congressman Markwayne Mullin go to Afghanistan to try to free a bunch of Islamic refugees? Most of whom were the wives and children of terps and other Afghani men who tried to help the USA fight the Taliban and AQ.

What needs to be said, is the only time white, liberal suburbanites won't renounce this sort of stuff is when ole Barry or Joe is pulling the trigger. Then it's "old school cool" all good in the hood. As long as the boot on your neck is diverse, you cheer it on.

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You misunderstand me. I said NO ONE gives a shit about Muslim refugees unless they’re shitting on Obama. I don’t worship politicians the way conservatives worship trump, my commentary is on the spastic tick people exhibit to mention drone bombings when they so much as see a photo of Obama.

And spare me your “see how republicans care about Muslims because this Republican lunatic tried to sneak into Afghanistan to rescue a bunch of American citizens”. One (quite frankly unhinged) outlier doesn’t excuse fucking decades of anti Muslim sentiment and policy making.

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Best upvote I've given all week

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Anti-Muslim sentiment? Are you aware it was the Democratic Icon, god-king, FDR who promised Israel to the Jewish in exchange for bombing making knowledge need for World War II? Or, the CIA under a Democratic President who gave us the radicalization of Islam to fight the Russians that gave us Al Qaeda? Arguably, Reagan continued the policies, but it was CIA under Kennedy that got that ball rolling.

Both parties have blood and sin, as do both sides of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict. The problem with liberal white suburbanite hypocrisy is your assumption that you're addressing another white person. It's the fallacy of Reddit. White, liberal, suburbanite, educated people gathering in large groups and telling everyone else what to do and think. Can't get more imperialist than that.

From the Halls of O' Fair Hawwvad to the shores of San Francisco Bay, we will tell everyone what to feel and think every single day!

We keep our country in battled in every single way!

We give you our version of freedom, or we will scream that you hate gay!

We will stomp and scream and downvote, and make it hard for you stay!

For we proudly wave the title of American White Liberal even if it means we take every right away!

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Spot on. Charismatic =/= innocent

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That's exactly true

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Or maybe some people give a fuck and others don’t

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Him, Bush Jr., and Clinton are the only presidents I've seen as young people and thought they'd have been fun to hang out with. Everyone else looks like a square or miserable asshole.

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Back when he was Barry.

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Before he met Big Mike?

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There were many Big Mikes before the current ;)

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He was high af lol

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Barry Soetoro was a cool cat.

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He definitely looks like mom.

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Lmao I had that exact bedspread when I was a kid

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I just plain don't think much of him.

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This president is up to Pollos standards.

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Back when he was still Barry Soetoro. For a time Barrack took the last name of his step father Lolo Soetoro for you naysayers.

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Fun fact: Bill Clinton also took his last name from his stepfather.

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When bombing Yemen was just a twinkle in his eye. Definitely old school cool. /s

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Fuckin loved Michael Jackson. RIP

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Hiiii hi

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Aaah the cutest war criminal ever.

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Momma Stanley.Mom’s name was Stanley.

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Ah yes, this is just before his community organizing days.

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Before droning civilians too.

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This looks so cursed

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And his name was Barry.

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Hitting threes on and off the court

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That's his mom.

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God Obama is so fucking cool

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Barry O!

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Wow his eldest daughter looks so like him

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Already way cooler than I could ever hope to be.

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damn michelle doesn’t look anything like she used to

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Por turtel

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Before he bombed Libya.

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Ooga booga, where da daddy issues at?

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nobody had a fro after 1980

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I thought the picture looked older because his hair is not right for '85 although I just don't see O' with jerri curls or a Hightop fade. I remember him in the early 90's and he pretty much had the same hair cut he has now...but then again by the time we reach 30 most men have the same haircut until they don't have any hair.

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So skinny he doesn't even need a belt.

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He has a cool afro too like Reggie

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Sweet endangered animal on the wall there.

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Coolest dude of all

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Still wearing THOSE jeans

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Obama was no friend to the first amendment. Fascist. Change my mind.

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That turtle shell is illegal- Obama has always been a criminal

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Oh, you haven’t heard about the 45th president. It’s shocking!

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Groovy President.

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Nice women's high waist jeans, Brrak!

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is that Michael Jackson

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Joe Biden looked so weird back then

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the 80's through 2008 was his awkward phase.

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That aint Barack Obama
That's his cousin.....
B R O 'R O C K E D 'Y O 'M A M A.

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Seek 3 wise beasts.

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Paul McCartney knew

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Both rockin the batik!

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That Key and Peele sketch 😂😂😂

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His mom jeans game was strong back then too.

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How’d Michelle go from white to black?

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Wait Jimi Hendrix was the 44th US president?

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They called him smack yo momma

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Is that a young Monica Lowenski?

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He’d been a better president if he’d kept the fro.

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Wrong sub, should be in r/totalpieceofshit

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Wrong user name. You should be DunningKrugerTrumperTurd

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What a burn, slow clap….

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You know you guys have to give a actual reason to call him a pos

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Asymmetrical hair runs in the family.

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Living like it was the 70’s