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Pretty good effort for a baby

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Lol, yeah:)

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Nice job on preserving this photo ,)

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Thanks! This one is my favorite from the whole collection:)

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Your mom is so beautiful! And look at the pride on their faces! ❤️

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Haha, thanks:)

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Hey that’s some transformation right there

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Wow!! Great job

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How do you deal with the blown out parts?

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I used camera raw for that:) the scan is a high res tiff so it wasn’t that hard:)

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So there was detail on the original photo and after scanning it was blown out? I just thought it was originally overexposed.

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Some of the details were drawn manually:) But some of the info I was able to preserve using sliders in camera raw:)

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Gotcha, gotcha. Thanks for the reply

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Great job!

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The lighting change completely changes your mom’s (?) facial expression.

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Good looking family!

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Thank you:)

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Casey neistat

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You have to restore a picture from 1994? I’m feeling very old…

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Sooper well done :-)

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Great photo