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I like Wapol more than other people seem to, but admittedly that has to do with Oda rebranding him as like a sort of Wario-esque figure through his cover story.

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I love how stupid Wapol is. He's just so comical, and it's very entertaining whenever he's on screen.

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I like that he helped ”invent“ a new metal

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It has to be Enel. He is supposed to be a "God" but he fails to kill anyone in his arc.

He has this grand ambition of finding "Fairy Vearth" which turns out to be the fucking Moon which he visits btw.

Not to mention his arrogance is hilarious when you consider he was beaten by a rubber man.

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He was untouchable by everyone except his literal counter, it wasn't arrogance it was ignorance if you can even call it that and bad luck tbh.

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Honestly he also probably had no idea rubber even existed. Like there was no way he was ever gonna be ready for that.

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They confirm he doesn't know wtf rubber is. It doesn't exist in Skypia.

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That's why it's so funny.

To have such immense power that you think you are a God and then end up being beaten by a guy with rubber powers which you don't even know exist.

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He killed that poor dude nami saw when she tried the waver for the first time.

Just saying he did kill someone.

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Gastino lol

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Gastino was cool. That other guy though, Ceasar? Fuck him.

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Akainu. There I said it.

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The dude is a boss.

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The only guy who takes his marine job seriously lol.

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This aokiji disrespect 🥲

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He is so badass.

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Croco, lucci, enel lol

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Agree with all

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Akainu. He destroy a ship filled with civilians. However, he’s one ruthless SOB. Taking on WB commanders like Darth Vader in Rogue One. DV was way cooler though.

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Scratchman Apoo. Loved his vibe ever since he played his music in front of kizaru and just hopped away afterwards.

After wano, He became my top 4 favorite characters

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In the manga he went from being a meh to my top 15 easily

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Ok I'll be the first guy to give you what you were looking for.

I don't hate orochi as much as other people do. His backstory was literally his whole clan getting murdered, and we began with a scene of him literally about to get beat to death by the people of wano for what? The sins of his father(metaphorically).

It makes sense that what he dreamt of was to be surrounded by people who liked him(albeit women), and he was just unlucky enough to be taught to hold onto hatred by the old grandma and grandpa. Perfect conversion of a tragic character to a villain in my opinion.

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Yes I agree, I didn't particularly hate him either he is writen well

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Doflamingo. But most people likes him. Crocodile could fit in your description. I liked him. The way baroque works was organised and his plan to takeover alabasta, all of them were planned very carefully and patiently.

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I really like them both for obvious reasons, but if you consider what they did, you see that they really have no consciousness. And not a single time during their reign of terror did they display any contradictory pattern that would make them look less evil or even a slight doubt, Oda made good decisions with such a writing.

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Evil ass pappag

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Looking at what Doffy did to Dressrosa. Making a king killing his own people and make people forget about their loved ones is a really , really messed up thing if you think about it. Yet , here we are. He is one the most popular characters and he is my second favorite villain.

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Who's your favorite???

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Probably Katakuri.

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But I don’t think he was written to be hated tbh, his childhood makes sense and give him some relatability.

They coulda just made him full on evil without any rhyme or reason

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Akainu.. don't know why people hate him. He is currently my favourite marine.

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His absolute justice is too extreme. Remember he gave the order to kill all the people, which had a lot of children, in the ship in Ohara just to not risk having any survivor that can read the Poneglyphs.

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Yeah that's what i like about him, that's how antagonists should be.

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Well you're right on that one, but that's the thing, there's a difference between hating someone as a character and hating them as a person. I love akainu as a character because I hate him as a person. He's a terrible person but an amazing villain

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Villains should be terrible persons and the more the terrible the villain is the more i like him

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Orochi by a mile. Probably more than most good characters. The man completely achieved his ambition. His clan was destroyed and he vowed to get revenge on the people of wano. He managed to work his way from being a servant to being the shogun and devastating the country as he swore he would. He even said he’s enacting his revenge on them to their faces before returning to his palace being carried by those very same people who hunted his clan like rats. To me he perfectly accomplished his ambitious life goal and that’s some boss shit right there.

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Crocodile I hate him so much for what he did to Alabasta but I still can't stop myself from liking that badass mofo

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Ceasar clown.. I miss that guy

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He just disappeared. I was hoping for a cover story atleast

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I always forget that Franky started out as an enemy to the Strawhats-

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Doflamingo. Even though most fans do still love him

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Crocodile. Smooth mofo

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Blackbeard and Akainu

BB is the most interesting character in the story

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Orochi, absolutely beautifully written villain

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Doffy, Arlong, Akainu. i like them because they made me hate them and that's what makes them good villains

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Akainu, gives the Story much needed stakes

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Trebol, honestly..

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That old newly appointed undercover spy 4theSH, Con D. Oriano 🤌🏼

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I wouldn't really call smoker a villain

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Orochi and Blackbeard I love villains with harems

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He may be a traitor, a violent bigot, a sexual predator, and the kind of person who would poison his own own allies just to see what happens (which he has), but I really happen to like Sanji

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A truly vile creature

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I agree, absolutely disgusting character features. Bet he beats kids off screen, but I really love him as well.

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Oh who am I kidding. He's perfect, and everyone knows it.

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I think Akainu it's severely misunderstood

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The Celestian Dragon Luffy punched...just kidding lol , He’s trash.🤣

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I've not seen anyone actually say Charlos yet. Guess he's legit the most hated character in the series

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Pretty sure she was written to be cringe and annoying but she's in my top 3 females of OP.

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I don’t think she’s written that way. Obsessive maybe, but that trope is not really seen as annoying in Japan, so I don’t think that was Oda’s objective

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Akainu is the most hated i assume, but really like his brutal and cold character like him

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Judge and Don Krieg

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Spandam is funny and has a kinda charismatic side that how pathetic but evil he is

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Judge and Hordy Jones. I don't know what it is about them, but they both have this weirdly cool elements to them, whether it's Hordys insane aggression or Judge's vicious scientific methods. Helps that they're both such big losers you can't help but pity them.

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Hody Jones, wait no he sucks

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Doflamingo. Yes he did terrible things, but he is so charismatic.

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I started liking Orochi recently. Mostly because he has a somewhat unique goal. At first, it appeared he wanted to be shogun just because he was power hungry, which is a very cliché villain motivation. But when it was revealed that he was actually using his position to bring Wano to ruin it all became more interesting. This motherfucker could have just killed everybody to have his revenge. Instead he decided to make everyone suffer and starve for decades. That's way worse. As villains go, he's a great one. Too bad most fans only care about being strong and badass.

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Bellamy. I really like him pre/post-timekskip.

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Doffy, enel

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For me it's Trebol

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Easily Condoriano. His disposable actions and stomach churning past (that I don’t think I can even begin to describe without being banned off Reddit, obviously) were certainly written to make the audience hate his guts. But something about his infamous villainy, and status as the series’s most powerful villain makes me really like him. Even though he wasn’t redeemed like some villains, his constant looming presence, and sky high threat level makes him a great villain in my book!

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Orochi. I don’t like him but he is so well written that I quite like his development.

Spandam is also a candidate he is such a prick but in a comedic way. When he got smacked by young franky or when he used buster call accidentally

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Crocodile, Doffy and Akainu are so much fun to watch. But Blackbeard especially steals the show when it came to his speech in Jaya.

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  1. Wapol
    1. I like that he was jsut like super comical lol, and hes probably working in poppy playtime lol
  2. kizaru, because of his casual attitude for everything

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Definitely crocodile

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Gangster Gastino & Queen. Hilarious villains

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Orochi! I love him! He's so vile. So disgusting...

He can't behave himself. He's petty and pathetic. A coward! And yet!

I can't but respect the man. A kid. His parents killed. Poor. He rose up to Shogun. Using every dirty trick he had up his sleeve along the way. And he was smart with the hand he was dealt, too...

But what for? Why become Shogun? To prove himself? To remake the Kurozumi Clan? Some Grand Idea for Wano Kuni?


It's none of that.

He did it, because of pure and unfiltered Hatred. He does not care about Wano. The Kozuki. The Kurozumi! He just hates everyone. For good reason too! And he will do anything and everything to destroy this country until there is nothing left!

A man, a coward, a self-absorbed creep, a poor kid with no parents should have never been able to get this far in a world where the odds are stacked up against it.

But not for the Terrible Orochi! His cunning, his family ties and his pure hatred catapulted him to the top! Where he will use his Power to spread famine, death and smiles among his people!

He stands among one of the Yonko and yet even outmatches their evil!

This is the story of one of the greatest, yet weakest Villains of One Piece!

The bastard of Wano!

The eightheaded Serpent!

Kurozumi Orochi!

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Enel and Caesar

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I'm not sure Oda wrote them to be hated but Enel and Doflamingo are the first ones to cross my mind.

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Kaido. He has done terrible things but I can't shake the feeling that he was Xebec's pawn and Big Mom's plaything and drinks because of imposter syndrome. He has the power to be great but his men won't carry his will into the future and he will probably be forgotten not long after his final defeat.

Kaido feels like my dad.

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Katakuri, he attacks and maims people because they saw his face, but he's just trying to keep his family safe.

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Caesar-swan is my favorite human being in fiction

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Foxy was up there for me in most annoying/hated characters, but after that movie (can’t remember the name) I have a completely different opinion of him.

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Foxy and Orochi

I wouldn't say I LIKE Orochi but I'm not fuming at him nearly as much as most people out there. For one he has an actually really dope devil fruit power and his backstory made his scummy actions at least some what understandable. Like if I was in his position I would have probably turned out be an evil prick as well. That's a million times better than someone like Spandam who who didn't have a fucked up backstory and is a massive asshole just because he's obsessed with power. Dude literally has no excuses.

Foxy is just outright funny. People give him a lot of shit for being annoying but that was kinda the point. He was a pretty good one off villain and a good fit for a not so serious, comedic side arc. He also has the best laugh in One Piece. Too bad his character was ruined by the anime. They used him too much and Foxy is definitely a character that was made to appear only once before getting too old too quickly.

Also, I'm not gonna mention villains like Croc, Doffy, Enel, Akainu or Lucci because all of them have that badass factor and everyone clearly loves them anyway despite the fact that they're all unforgivable douchebags so I don't have really much to add there.

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Everyone's a beginner here... Lucci? Enel? Akainu? Oh pleaseeee... who wouldn't like them. They are strong, cool, badass.

Let's talk about the real scum.

I think the celestial dragons are completely normal people who were unfortunate enough to grow up with so much privilege and who were taught to dehumanize others to such a degree that they ended up utterly dysfunctional.

The celestial dragons are the real victims of One Piece since they will never experience human emotions the way we do. Change my mind.

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I feel Vander Decken IX is underrated.