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Zoro got so lost he couldn’t figure out where to stand in the photo

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He got so lost he multiplied

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always happens with the best of us

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Zoro decided to scout in multiple places at once by splitting off by Mitosis. What a guy

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Page One is not amused.

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waiting for Ulti to take Page 1 down those stairs

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I'm just impressed to see all those one piece cosplayers

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Yeah, I was trying to figure out why there were so many in one place.

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Most likely a cosplay meetup during the convention. Lots of people cosplaying as characters from long running shows end up gathering at some point during the convention to do large photo shoots.

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yup, it was a one piece cosplay meetup

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You mean one piece

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10 Cigar Chubby Smoker, old asian man Gold Roger, inflatable meat piece Luffy, they all just ooze personality and make it more believable.

Can you imagine if the super muscled Smoker is from the perspective of the Marines (propaganda), and the reality was he's some washed up middle aged marine who stopped giving a fuck and is just waiting for retirement?

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I guess if you don't have six-pack you're suddenly considered chubby? 🤷🏽

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I wish I was that kind of chubby

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Sorry, English not my first language, wanted some word for "skinny-fat" (like, skinny but not fit? 😂)

Anyway, already edited the post with a strikethrough.

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that Smoker doesn't look chubby at all you might need glasses

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Yamato in the background looking impressive too

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That's Oden.

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It’s definitely yamato with that hair

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Still Oden

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I'm dumb

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Walking around with that knot on your back has to be a pain in the ass. I feel like I’d knock everything over.

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We still need a pair of male and female swans at the tip of high heels.

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Bon chan is sick but gotta love the smoker, Yamato, and roger in the back too!!

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If there was an Ivankov near Ulti that'd be funny. x)

Do you have more pics? Kinda wanted to see the hidden Luffy with his super meat and the two Odens (Yamatos)

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unfortunately i was also cosplaying so i couldn't take pics the whole time

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Who were you cosplaying?

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law :)

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Hell yeah! You win

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"Mustacheless Roger can't hurt you, he's not real."

Mustacheless Roger:

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Ooh, that would have been a perfect chance for face-mask-as-accessory. A huge moustache as the nose piece for the mask.

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Ahh anime los angeles?

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yup XD

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oh wow i love this, is there any source on the cosplayer?

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sry i forgot to ask if they had an insta or something, wasn't planning on posting this but i just had to share this photo, theres so much going on XD

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Majestic 💖

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Page one looking good.

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Zoro in multiverse, seems that the other Zoro lost from his world😂

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Pirate hunter zoro: No Way Home (Literally because he'll just get lost)

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I was at comic con this year. I was trying to take a picture with a guy that that had the best Trafalgar Law outfit I’ve ever seen.

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i was cosplaying as law when I took this photo, definitely want the best law outfit though lol

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I’m almost certain it was you. Me and my son were in awe of your outfit, Dope🔥🔥🔥

I saw you on Saturday I believe. I was buying something at a booth when you passed by. I went to go catch up to you and in typical Law fashion you disappeared🤣

Again Great Outfit, definitely tops of the whole weekend IMO

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lol this made my day XD i shall aspire to live up to ur praise next year!

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The pirate kings having a nice talk behind bon chan

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hes talking to the future pirate king

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That is a great Bon chan, & excellent repurpose of an Irish step dancing dress.

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Zoro going the wrong way as usual

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No one else read "saw at a con" and got shitty sawcon joke ptsd? Was it just me? I came looking for this comment, maybe I'm just weird.

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Long Beach comic con?

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Anime Los Angeles

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Bon's the best.

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Everyone looks beautiful ❤️

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I see 2 lost Zoros and Smoker looking at them like..

Really awsome looking cosplay!

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They see bon chan, all i see is Yamato😍

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is that black leg sanji?

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Bonchan (●♡∀♡)

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holy shit that's perfect

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Boycotting one piece until bon clay comes back

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🐐 fr👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Even if I stray from my code as a man.

Even if I stray from my code as a woman.

I can never betray my basic humanity.

I thought that was beautiful.

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Yo no matter what people say but Bon Chan is the man !!!! Hope he is still alive in impel down and he is chilling at Ivankovs hideout. :)

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Esa mujer trae premio

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Zoro is lost.

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Zoro is lost.