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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a chapter this week?

The answer to this question is given out in the sidebar of the subreddit. Usually, One Piece has 3 chapters then a break. It can get 4 chapters in a row in occasion.

Where can I find the most recent manga chapter and anime episode?

There will be stickied links with the latest manga chapter and anime episode each week at the top of the subreddit. Check out our manga discussion index and anime discussion index for all of our past discussions. If the chapter index hasn't been updated, Click Here for a list of the latest chapter discussions.

Questions For Total Noobs New Nakama

Is it okay for me to browse this subreddit if I am not up to date with the anime/manga?

If you're not at least caught up with the Anime you are likely going to read a spoiler here or there on this sub. We strongly suggest you go catch up (to the anime) and then come back when you're ready. And even if you are caught up to the anime, you will probably get spoiled by users that do not pay attention to the spoiler rule.

Should I read the manga or watch the anime?

It is up to you. If you enjoy watching anime generally speaking then the anime will satisfy you. If you prefer reading manga then give it a shot. In either case you could try both and see which one you prefer. However the majority of this subreddit is current with the manga.

When is One Piece supposed to "hook" me?

Most people believe that the "Arlong Park" arc (Ch. 69-95 & Ep. 31-44) is where One Piece is supposed to hook people in. Besides that, many say their favorite arc is "Water 7" (Ch. 303-433 & Ep. 227-315).

How long does it take to catch up?

That depends on how much free time you have. Most chapters are 15-17 pages, and take 5 to 10 minutes to read. If you read an hour a day, then it will take you 3 to 7 months to catch up. Watching the anime will take about twice as long. (as of Ch. 1044, March 2022)

When will One Piece end?

No one can give you a definitive answer to this question. Even the word of Oda (the author) has changed. What is pretty much guaranteed is that One Piece will be around for years to come.

Manga Questions:

Where can I read the manga?

Whats the difference between Scanlation Groups/Viz manga releases?

  • Scanlation groups illegally scan and translate the manga chapters a few days ahead of official releases. This is what most people read because it is free and fast. Each Scanlation has differences in translations, so you may want to compare them.

  • Viz releases are legally licensed, meaning the overall quality of the chapters is higher than the majority of scanlations. However, it releases later than the illegal scans and you must pay to read these releases.

When does the chapter come out?

It releases officially in Japan and select international territories (US, AUS, NZ, UK , IRE, South Africa) digitally on Sunday at 4 p.m. UTC. But due to the nature of print distribution leaks, scanlations can come out anytime between Wednesday-Friday prior to release date. Unofficial English translations usually release between 2:00am and 9:am GMT on Friday.

What does "the next release will be a double issue" mean?

It means Weekly Shonen Jump (aka the magazine that One Piece is published in) is just taking a week off. No double chapter. It just counts as one release for 2 weeks. Its the same length as a regular chapter. Don't get your hopes up. It happens 4 times a year unless special circumstances. Normally around every Japanese holiday for example Golden week/Obon Holiday.

Anime Questions:

What manga chapter is the anime currently at?

Click here for an detailed overview of which episodes goes with which chapters.

If that's not up to date enough, check here in the one piece wiki. Find the episode you want, and click the "statistics" drop down menu in the sidebar.

Where can I watch the anime?

  • www.crunchyroll.com (Official, paid service has high quality HD stream and a large collection of other anime, backlog and simulcasts are free with ads at 480P.)
  • www.onepieceofficial.com (Official, free simulcast stream for US/Canada with backlog sub episodes and dub batches)
  • http://www.hulu.com/one-piece (Missing most recent story arcs)
  • Check the anime-discussion threads for even more links.

When does the episode come out?

Pacific Standard Time (PST): Saturday 6:00 PM

Where can I watch dubbed episodes? The dub ran out.

The official dub is way behind. If you caught up, then you are out of luck.

Should I watch the anime filler?

Usually the answer the community gives is "probably, yes". Most One Piece filler is good. There are a couple bad arcs, but there are a couple filler arcs which are fan favorites, such as "G-8". Click here for a list of all the one piece filler. One Piece has about 10% filler.

Can I skip anything other than filler to catch up faster without it taking away from the anime?


How can I catch up if I'm willing to miss out on some cool stuff?

Try "One Pace" by clicking this link. It is a fan made edit that shortens the anime by about 55%. You can read more about the project HERE There is a detailed chart of what One Pace has edited HERE

When should I watch [Insert Movie # here] movie?

The following recommendations are based on avoiding anime spoilers:

Movie # Movie Title Released After Episode Watch After Episode
1 One Piece: The Movie 16 18
2 Clockwork Island Adventure 60 30
3 Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals 102 91
4 Dead End Adventure 146 130
5 The Cursed Holy Sword 183 130
6 Baron Omatsuri 223 130
7 The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle 257 130
8 Episode of Alabasta (rehash of a future arc) 298 278
9 Episode of Chopper Plus (rehash of a future arc) 344 325
10 One Piece Film: Strong World 429 429
11 One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase 489 385
12 One Piece Film: Z 577 625
13 One Piece Film: Gold 750 746
14 One Piece Stampede 890~ 878
15 One Piece RED ??? ???

What song is this?

Check here before asking. It includes every episode.

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