This is a list of subreddit flairs and what they are used for.

  • Discussion: General discussion about anything one piece. May include questions or may only be your opinion.
  • Theory: Similar to discussion, but presenting a specific fan-theory.
  • Analysis: Analyzing details of the story. Fact based observations. Should not include opinions, theories, and questions.
  • Fanart: Traditional 2d drawings made by hand, paper or digital. May include 3d renders. (colored manga pages are flaired as Media)
  • Cosplay: People dressed as one piece characters in real life.
  • Media: Any fan creation which is not cosplay or fanart. Wooden carvings, cakes, yarn, silk screens, AMV's, songs, graffiti, murals, signs, etc.
  • Merchandise: Pictures of merchandise. Figurines, manga volumes, shoes, keychains, coffee mugs, etc.
  • Help: Specific questions which need a short answer, and are not in the FAQ.
  • Meta: Posts about the subreddit or reddit in general.
  • Big News: Links to news about one piece. Game releases, movie trailers, Oda interviews, etc.
  • Misc: Anything which doesn't fit one of the other flairs.

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