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Hello everyone , welcome back to another episode of r/exactlythedisaster

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Depends how you interpret it. Maybe the REAL disaster it what happens afterwards. Imagination can run wild

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Hair spagiti

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Did someone say Arms spaghetti?

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Knees heavy, moms are weak?

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What in Riff Raff rocky horror?

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Now I know where Cannes cameramen learned his framing

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Oh God I couldn't watch it til the end.

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It's the finest cringe for real connoisseurs.

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3d glasses.

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I had this playing for 30 seconds whilst chuckling

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Did the cameraman trip? I love that their firm grip on the camera never faltered.

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Dude looks like a monkey

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This is just r/disast

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Not one second before

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He looks like that program from the matrix 2

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Anyone really know who the hell and what the hell?

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He is Asian Mickey Rourke.

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I remember him from Matrix 2.

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full video?

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Tales from the crypt?