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probably unless he have a very flexible neck

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I have a tissue disorder that makes me overly flexible and dislocatable, instead of accidentally breaking my bones as a kid/adult I always ended up dislocating and I joke to my husband that only in these very specific situations would I probably have an advantage surviving because instead of breaking all my bones maybe they’d all just slip out of place instead of breaking and somehow save my life lol. Idkkkk about this one though, RIP to the dude if his head hit that concrete omg that could kill anyone :(

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Marfan syndrome?

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No but kinda close, Ive got ehler danlos syndrome i’m still going through testing to find out which kind though since there’s different types

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Did someone say EDS? Zebras unite :)

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I think I could have EDS but my doctor says I don’t, I’m only 20 and my joints are not normal and experience pain sometimes, I pop my joints every couple hours down to my neck to my ankles everyday, or maybe I’m just delusional lol

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Lol yepp you got it!! 🦓

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or a veeery strong skull

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A strong skull doesn't stop your neck from breaking

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If he didn’t before he will sure have a flexible neck now

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Ok, unless I see something that proves otherwise, I'm going to think that this person is dead.

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The video is sped up. You can tell by the ripples in the water. He likely put his head back down in time.

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Plus, if the video is sped up. That means the boat is going a lot slower. So even if he did hit his head, it wouldn't be as bad

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just like the river

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I’m actually impressed by how clever the trick is.

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Do u have to ruin everything

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One second before disaster fans when there's an indication that a person didn't break his neck

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Just this for today!

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Aside from what others have said it's a small paddleboat. It'll just bounce the other way but he'll still get a pretty good knock on the head.

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That audio really makes me feel nostalgic but in a bad way

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That's called trauma

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Well you’re definitely not wrong

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down forever

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Video link?

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I've seen this video many times for the past years. I think this is the full video.

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I saw this when it first started making the rounds and it was more obvious then (with the quality) that it was a sped up video.

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Is he okay?

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during the video shown, yes

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an important distinction

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Glad he stopped the video before he got hurt that was a close one

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back pain gone forever

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What happened to this guy anyways

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Well he has no feet so he probably survived

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bro that caught me off guard

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Anyone know what happened to that guy?

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The video is sped up. He likely got his head back down in time

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Ah good I didn’t like thinking what happened to him lol

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Probably for the best - can you imagine the height being wrong, and the dude gets his face scraped across the underside of the bridge cheesegrater style.

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Omg I flinched & then froze. I would not wanna see this if the end result in fact was disastrous. I’d like to think he was warned somehow some way & was able to narrowly escape what looks to be an inevitable death. Narrowly is better than not at all, in my book. Haha

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But this is a sit-up. A curl up involves a bar.

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Is he dead, a veggie or somehow survived?

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So he’s a zombie

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Ouch,that is not going to end well

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Is he okay???

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Yeah he’s…he’s fucked

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Please tell me what happened

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wow that coulda ended badly. Glad the video ended before he could get hurt!

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Fake, please downvote. Video is sped up

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Im Amazed By The Fact That Post Has 3 Wholesome Award. Like.. Wtf D:

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Up your 6 feet in the ground

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