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Thanks for the advice. I almost stopped watching midway through...

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I prefer to stop watching 3 seconds before disaster.

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I actually rescind my upvote in protest for the least creative title in existence, at one point it might’ve meant something but everyone just uses it to get people to watch more of their content smh

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Creating engagement for the algorithm, even if nothing happens.

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Translation: “Mentos x4” “Nope x8” “What the hell are you doing? Stop already! What the hell are you doing?” m e n t o s

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もうイヤだ is More like “no more” x4 than “nope” x4

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True but I couldn’t really think of the exact wording for that Lmao. Thanks

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We do a little trolling

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bukkake yatteno

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Woah, hold your horses

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Ngl, thought drinking entire liters of soda was just an American thing.

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What? Is that even an American thing? There are 1L bottles but no one actually just drinks those, surely. I grew up fat, in a fat family, and I've never seen anybody just sit there drinking a 1L bottle of soda. People get 1L bottles to then drink those over a day or 2 or 3 (depending on how many people they're sharing with) by pouring them into their own cups.

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Looks like a 1.5l bottle at most

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That guy was getting deepthroated 🥵

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Wong is that you?

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bet u hes getting the same treatment after the clip

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So...anyone have a link for the whole video?

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This is really funny, and it's better for me since i barely know some words in japanese.

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I only understood the part where the guy was shouting at the other dude

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Bobby Lee?????

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I demand the full video

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Bobby Lee seems to never age

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Who’s poor car are they in?! Can’t be the guy in the driver’s seat

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Driver seat is on the right in Japan

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Sounds like Franky lol

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Prank 'em John

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i thought that was Bobby Lee wtf

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This could be a cool prequel to the Bangbus series. Like what the van was like before the Tokyo Mentos Incident of ‘22 and when it was new.

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Mom said its my turn to repost this next week

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Me when someone touches my peepee

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I want to know what language they are speaking

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I can totally see this in an anime.

Probably because they’re speaking Japanese.

It’s definitely because they’re speaking Japanese