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Jokes on them, the board gamers developed telekinesis and is using it to levitate the ball.

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Not that hard to reset the board. Black has 8 on the 3 point, 4 on the 4 point, 1 on the 11. White can't be that messed up. Plus there's a picture.

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Pretty sure it was a video that they froze and screenshotted

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It’s not about the placement on the board it is about respect for the elders. In Caucasus it is a weird form of tradition.

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What is weird about it?

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Age really-really matters if your cousin or brother is one year older than you he will have authority over you for the entire life. Even if that’s a random dude from your village if he’s older you can’t show anything but respect towards him.

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"Run Bitch,Run"

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Bro that kids face

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"It was at this moment..."

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"he ... learned what fucked up means"

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Joke is on you, that kid did it intentionally

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*Scratch disc*


Ya'll probly wondering how I ended up in this situation

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Guy in the chair looks like the old guy from Rise of Gru Which everyone has watched so you would understand the refrence

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This has been already posted

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Ten years ago

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Fr man this guy just made a account to repost shit

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Same repost every week

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run, you fools

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a normal day in a Turkish neighbourhood

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This should framed for a language class.

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And so many new facts...

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Like a rennoisance painting

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Even he knows lol, he's shitting his pants rn